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Digital Noise: Episode I

After the great cataclysm, the world was dark and silent. Though many had cried out in anguish, the din subsided in the absence of hope. Then from the distance came a sound, dull at first and then rising. The darkness broke and the masses stirred with excitement, uniting under the triumphant sound of Digital Noise.

For their first show, the Blu crew reviews a number of larger and more interesting releases of the past few weeks. You know, that time during which they were on vacation in Middle-earth.



Oz G&P  Snitch  Jack giant slayer                                       04:13                                               13:13                                                     20:45

Empty Space

21Over  newsroom  House of Cards                       25:24                                                      31:01                                                     37:20

Empty Space

43:34                                                48:45                                                53:48


Interested in purchasing any of the titles we reviewed? Please do so via our image links above, thus ensuring that Digital Noise can keep ringing in your ears.