Digital Noise: Episode 1.5


In addition to sifting through the last of the home entertainment rubble from the last few weeks, Brian, Chris, and Luke discuss exploding Disney princess heads, Patrick Warburton’s Do-It-Yourself Circumcision, and do a lot of ill-advised singing. Lock the doors, shut off your cell phones, and crank up the Digital Noise.
Empty Space

Lilo and Stitch w time  Atlantis w time  Emperor's New Groove w time


Safety Last w time  Enter the Dragon w time  Come Out and Play w time


Help w time  The Rambler w time  Phantom w time


North Face w time

Interested in purchasing any of the titles we reviewed? Please do so via our image links above, thus ensuring that Digital Noise can keep ringing in your ears

594 thoughts on “Digital Noise: Episode 1.5”

  1. Guys, it’s great to see Remote Viewing resurrected in this way. I always loved you guys on, and I think it’s a damn shame that literally all of the podcasts that I listened to on that site were cancelled. Nevertheless, seeing everyone branch out has only given me and the rest of the internet more fun stuff to listen to. Thank you, always.

  2. Chris’ “impression” of Luke made me fall out of my chair.

    Really glad that this Blu-ray review show is back in a new form, especially with you guys; I love hearing you talk about these different films – particularly for this week, being a big hardcore Disney fan 🙂

  3. Man, I love the theme music.

    Glad the show is “back”. All my favorite podcasts used to be under one roof, but now I have to go to 3 separate websites for it all.

    Also, I’ll always have fond memories of Atlantis, because it’s the first movie I saw after loosing my virginity!

  4. Michał Walkowiak

    I watched Who Can Kill a Child and I must say it didn’t work for me. The things you mentioned Brian are definitely there, but I couldn’t concentrate on them because of the stupid decisions that the characters make throughout the film. They stick around on the island far too long. The guy already knows what’s going on but he doesn’t do anything; he doesn’t attempt to leave the island, he doesn’t tell his wife (presumably not to stress her, as if she wasn’t stressed already) and he doesn’t tell anybody on the island (leaving them to die). The final fate of the wife is shocking, however it was brought about by her husband’s sheer stupidity. I wouldn’t mind all that in a regular slasher movie but WCKaC was trying to be a serious film.
    And another thing; I am always cautious when filmmakers use pictures of real life violence to start off their movie. I treat it as cheap way of shocking the audience. WCKaC started of with graphic pictures of the Holocaust and it reminded me the time when Uwe Boll started his film with footage of animal cruelty. It was quite unnecessary.

  5. I actually really like Atlantis. It’s not a classic by any means, but it’s got a lot of charm and has great characters.

  6. IS Enter The Dragon the best Bruce Lee film? The only other real contender I guess is Fist of Fury, which I personally prefer, and awesome tho EtD is as a movie, the martial arts isn’t quite up to the standard of some of his other films, but overall it’s the most silly fun you can have watching a movie with the late great mr lee

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