Inside the Locker: Kicking Things Off


Well here it is folks, the inaugural episode of Inside the Locker. Just when you thought it WASN’T safe to admit you were both a movie geek AND a sports fan. This week, Brian, J.C., and Elliott bring you news and scores from around the sportsphere, plot out the big screen version of a true sports story involving a very different ring of power, and engage in a discussion topic that, let’s face it, justifies the entire existence of the show.



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677 thoughts on “Inside the Locker: Kicking Things Off”

  1. Things that make me want to keep listening: drawing comparison to the Justice League and then immediately regretting the comparison when it makes Kobe into Batman.

  2. Hey Salisbury why do you hate Lebron so much? He has never gotten in trouble with the Law. Does he have an Attitude yeah, but MJ was an AHole with other players and you know it. So again why the hate on Lebron?

    1. I think I’m the only one on the show who is a huge Lebron fan. I have been ever since he was in high school. That’s how closely I follow basketball, my favorite sport.

      1. No you aren’t. There are a ton of LeBron fans out there/here. Admittedly , I’m not one of them.
        After the Howard saga there are a lot less haters also.

    2. LeBron is objectively a great player and a nice person.

      BUT : he flops when he’s 6’8 and 260 and then denies it . He celebrated himself and invited the MJ comparisons before his first ring . He gave up on a playoff game 7 against Boston when he still was a Cav. He straight up disappeared in the 2011 Finals when Wade averaged like 28 ppg , right when he made that list with people he was about to give the middle finger. And btw , he paired with like (at that time) the 3rd best player in the league and a top 5 power forward. That’s not best player in the league material.Where’s the MJ or even Kobe , or KD killer instinct and superstar ego ?

      I’m really sorry for the long comment.

    3. Eric–Valid question. I don’t really hate Lebron. His ego just drives me crazy. I was actually a big supporter of his for so long because he was one of those guys with an immense amount of talent but always seemed grounded and had a great sense of humor. But ever since the Heat convinced him he was god, he has followed suit and become an insufferable self-worshiper. It’s like Pike said to Kirk, “there’s greatness in you, but there’s not an ounce of humility.”

  3. If any of you guys are Packers fans this is going to be amazing. Conversely theres a Bears fan on the podcast… Fuck it, it’ll still be amazing

  4. i totally love this, it is awesome. i am not digging the movie thing it has its charm but does seem a bit drawn out. anyways this is so much fun i never get this mix of sports and nerd and the puns and just ughhh i am loving this show already.
    small quibble i am not sure when this was recorded (though i have an idea) nor a solid idea on your fandoms yet but some hockey talk would be great. they just had FA frenzy and would be fun to talk about, but if hockey isnt your thing that is fine, i love it but really only know the red wings so i get the lack of dialogue.
    keep up the great work i am loving it already and really hope you guys get to some fantasy football topics maybe some sleepers and busts segments easy hit it and quit it stuff.
    thanks for reading and keep it coming

    1. Yes, all of the hockey free agent talk was missed. The first show we delved a little bit longer in explaining why sports and movies mean so much to us. Kinks will be ironed out. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm. I’m really excited about this show.

  5. I’m so not a sports guy, at all, but I will give this an honest listen. ONE OF US!

  6. This podcast is great! Most sports podcasts are kind of boring to me and overloaded with stats and shit you could just look up yourself but you guys make it fun with nerd references. Can’t wait to see where this podcast goes.

  7. I don’t want to be that asshole , but it would be useful if you put the starting times of the segments in the description.

  8. The feedback for this show so far has been amazing! Keep it coming, sports nerds, let us know what you want. This is our team. This is our house.

  9. I look forward to getting to know all of you INSIDE THE LOCKER, wait that didnt come out right lol

  10. Scotty the Swimmer

    Loved the show, really glad to have a sports show finally in my podcast rotation and I can stop the ESPN crap. Thank you gentlemen

  11. Absolutely LOVE this podcast! I am a die hard sports fan and have played sports my whole life. I am also a die hard movie geek and recently got into graphic novels and comics. I have never seen a podcast like this and it will keep me coming back.

  12. Finally a sports podcast I can listen to without being too serious. Of course with having Salisbury on it, there will be pun a plenty. Like to add, difference between the decision and Dwight Howard is Dwight didn’t have an hour long special on espn just to announce his decision.

  13. Little late to the party but glad to be here and glad to have Brian Salisbury on the airwaves again. On an awesome sports podcast no less, glad to know I’m not the only nerd who has an adoration for sports too haha.

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