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One_of_Us_NerdWe are The US

We are one

Geeks of the world, unite!

For too long, the geek community has been divided into factions, and the internet has furthered this division by dedicating sites to just one subset or another.

But what if you’re a film geek who also digs sports? What if you collect Blu-rays AND have a fascination with radio dramas?

In that case, you are ONE OF US.

We, Christopher Lawrence Cox and Brian Salisbury, founded this site, utilizing our talents in the hopes of entertaining as well as cultivating a spirit of community and inclusion.

Over the next several months, we will be rolling out feature after feature designed to cater to as many geek niches as humanly possible. We will be your one-stop hub for all geek passion.

Just how much new content we bring you, and how often we roll out new features, depends on you. We built this site for you guys, the US, and we will need your support to continue to provide you with content. Feel free to purchase commentaries, tee-shirts, or make a donation using the link on our sidebar.

For our part, we’ll strive to bring you the very best in unique, entertaining, and engaging features as well as down the road putting together site-related events. Also, once per month we will be posting The Gathering, a podcast recorded during a party attended by your favorite internet personalities from this and a host of other sites.

Got questions? Comments? Suggestions? Critiques? Haikus? Challenges to Mortal Combat?  Please post feedback in any and all posts as well as email us at

Are you in? Are you ready to join…US?