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Highly Suspect Reviews: Page 18

Hosts: An Ever-Rotating Lineup of OOU.Net’s Unusual Suspects

That’s right, your favorite geek conglomerate website is now doing audio movie reviews! The cast of reviewers is subject to change even movie to movie, we have a whole rogues gallery of cinema outlaws, but one thing you can always count on is that these funny and insightful film reviews will always be, in some way, Highly Suspect.

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Brigsby Bear

Imagine if your whole world wasn’t what you thought it was. You were raised living in an underground shelter by your ‘parents’ who had weird rules and rituals and had created an entire alternate reality for you, even creating a children’s tv show for you to watch (that as far as you know was the ONLY show) that you became completely obsessed with. Now, imagine that world ending as you realize they are A: not your real parents, B: that is not the real world, and C: Brigsby Bear (the TV show in question) was entirely created for an audience of one…you. That’s the set-up of this warm and funny comedy that Chris, Richard, and George are all calling one of the best of the year. Check out their review here.

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Wind River

The writer of Sicario and Hell or High Water shows up to script AND direct this new film featuring Jeremy Renner as a bad-ass hunter up in the frozen climes of Wyoming on an Native American reservation. He teams up with a noob FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) to solve the murder of a young girl. It’s a slow burn but boy does it explode into some serious firecracker stuff in that third act. Chris, George, and Lara give you the scoop.

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Annabelle: Creation

After Ouija 2 did everything right that Ouija 1 did terribly wrong, I thought to myself, “Self…maybe that’s exactly what Blumhouse is going to do with Annabelle 2“. ‘Cause, you know, that first one ain’t exactly The Conjuring, despite being a spin-off of it. Hell, it’s barely worthy of an Asylum rip-off of the idea. So, lo and behold they got director David F Sandberg, fresh off his win with Lights Out, to come on board and try to save this sinking ship with a period-piece prequel film (much like how they saved Ouija 2). Does it work? I mean, sometimes. It’s definitely freakin’ Citizen Kane compared to the first. Listen to Chris, Patience, and JC tell you all about it.

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Twin Peaks Episodes 12-13

The gang is all back to discuss the weirdnesses and brilliance of the latest two episodes of David Lynch’s, Twin Peaks: The Return (aka Season 3).

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Man, what do you say about this? That Katheryn Bigelow better start picking out her Oscar dress now? That people are going to come away from this true story set during the Detroit riots of 1967 scared and upset? That Will Poulter better stay inside for a few months until folks can set their emotions back in order after seeing this? Detroit is going to be an oft-discussed, debated, and click-baited film for the rest of the year, we suspect, but the Unusual Suspects call it one of the year’s finest. Listen to Chris and JC experience PTSD during their review.

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The Dark Tower

Adapting Stephen King’s 8-book series into a film couldn’t have been easy. In fact, the project, in various forms, has been in development by Hollywood for over a decade. So, then we have this, the first film that will (possibly) lead into a tv show and then more films taken from the book series, with Matthew McConaughey as The Dark Man and Idris Elba as Roland the Gunslinger. Good vs Evil. A kid from our world trapped between. If you saw the trailer and thought that Last Action Hero was the only movie this adaptation was cribbing from, oh man, just wait. So, while realizing no amount of telling hardcore fans anything will change the decision they’re going to make with their dollars, here’s the review featuring Chris, Sarah, George, JC, Patience and Scott.

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Lady Macbeth

It’s 1865, you’re a woman (see, I pronounced it correctly there) and you’ve been ‘purchased’ for marriage by a rich land owner for his son. They’re both cruel people and the son, when he is around, doesn’t even want to touch you. But then, there’s that handsome (albeit, a bit rapey) new stablehand….Looking back, how could things have gone so, so wrong?

No, this isn’t the story of the character from the Shakespeare play, but the comparison to her journey led to the original book this film is based on to use her name. So yeah, it gets bloody and dark and tense as all hell. The critics have been raving about it but what did we think? Ask Chris and Johnny Neill and you’ll get an earful.

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Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron has become the new action-goddess and here, teaming up with David Leitch (one-half of the directing team behind John Wick), you know things are gonna go crazy. Theron plays a spy in Berlin on the eve of the collapse of the wall. Somebody over there has a list of all the spies and that’s bad, ok. Theron has to work with James McAvoy, John Goodman, Eddie Marsan, Sofia Boutella, Toby Jones, and more to get the work done but it’s not gonna be easy and it’s gonna involve a significant amount of BRUTAL fights. But is it any good? Chris, Lara, and Johnny Neill let you know.

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Twin Peaks Episodes 9-11

Our crew of dedicated Twin Peaks fanatics (Chris, Betty, Ian, and Scott) return to deliver their insights, appreciations, and conspiracies around episodes 9,10, and 11 of Twin Peaks: The Return. Give it a listen and let us know if you think there’s something we missed.

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Christopher Nolan returns to bring us his shortest film ever (since Following, his first) with no aliens, no supermen, no time travelers or magicians, just a bunch of British guys getting blown the hell up, heart-rending heroism, and jaw-dropping cinematography. I’m talking about Dunkirk, and if you’re not from American you probably already know about this famous evacuation during WWII and if you are, well, watch the damn movie. Chris, Richard, Jon, Scott, and Marco review.

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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

So, that was a movie we just saw. That’s pretty much what we were saying coming out of Luc Besson’s latest, a sci-fi action film that is kinda a descent into madness. In more than one way. Dane DeHaan plays the protagonist Valerian and Cara Delevigne plays his sister…erm, partner, Laureline. They are an inseparable duo, space-agents (or whatever) that take on the toughest cases in the distant future, one in which thousands (millions?) of alien races have come together, connecting ships to form one planet-sized space station. And this is one of their cases. Clive Owen is here. Ethan Hawke is here. Rihanna is here. It’s colorful and crazy and is most likely to be comparable to The Fifth Element (which large parts of were based on the same source material). But did we like it? Listen to Chris, Marco, Joe, and Scott give their review.

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A Ghost Story

So Casey Affleck is married to Rooney Mara but then he dies and becomes a ghost covered with a bedsheet who can’t leave the house and he has to watch shit happen for a long time until he doesn’t. That is the plot synopsis of A Ghost Story which is both a spoiler and isn’t a spoiler because it’s the basic premise of the film, yet pretty much sums up the entire events of the film. And this thing is REALLY some folks cup of tea. Even some of our folks. This kind of avante-garde horror (lately and controversially referred to as post-horror by some journalists) splits genre fans down the middle, even Chris, Beau, and Marco who can’t come to a consensus.

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Wish Upon

I’m starting to think there’s a Chinese antique store out there like in Friday the 13th: The Series, that only sells cursed items. This high school girl (Joey King) gets a wishing box (?) from her father (Ryan Phillipe) who is a…dumpster diver? Professionally? You got me. Anyway, box is cursed, as I said, and you don’t have to feed this one after midnight to set it off, you just have to hold it and make a wish. I mean, sure, the wish comes true, BUT someone you know dies. THIS GIRL doesn’t even wish for anything cool. Just, ugh, you know, fucking teenagers. Anyhow, Chris, Patience, JC, and Marco review this one. Man, they shoulda given the box to a oneofus fan, at least we wouldn have gotten a movie where they wish for cool stuff to happen. Lame.

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Fargo Season 3

Fact: Noah Hawley has had one hell of a year on TV. From the surreal super-hero art-house Legion (see our review for that right here) to the third, but hopefully not final, season of Fargo, no one else in the field of running the shows on that there boob tube seems to get it down so perfectly. And although our group of critics (Chris, Russell, and Morgan) don’t absolutely drool, they are no fools, as there’s a lot of praise worth heaping upon this third and maybe (“sniff”) final season. Check out their review here.

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Glow Season 1

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. That was a real thing in the 80s. There’s a documentary all about them on Netflix you can watch if you don’t believe us. It all seems so crazy, over the top, and kinda racist/sexist, and yeah, it was. But now there’s this new narrative show at Netflix starring Mark Maron, Allison Brie and a HUGE cast of lady wrestlers (or actresses playing lady wrestlers mainly) and it’s all the talk around the watercooler (virtual watercooler, but still). So we got the guys from our wrestling podcast, Thumbtacks and Screwjobs to take the lead here in our review of the first season. Listen to Richard and Gene know what they’re talking about and Elliott and Chris try to keep up.

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The Little Hours

Whereas of late comedies set in medieval times haven’t had the best track record, The Little Hours is about to break that streak. Dave Franco plays a servant to Nick Offerman who is forced to flee for his life when his master discovers he’s been diddlin’ the wife. As luck would have it, he stumbles across a nearby convent and its pastor played drunkenly by John C Reilly, who is taken with him and offers him a job tending to the grounds. Only one warning: he has to pretend to be deaf and mute. Because THESE nuns…well, they’re a little rough. Played by Allison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Kate Micucci, and Molly Shannon, they are foul mouthed, violent, sexed-up, and pretty damn funny. Listen to Chris and Beau review this little hidden gem.

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The Big Sick

Kumail Nanjiani is happily married to his creative partner and wife, Emily Gordon. But things weren’t always looking so good. Together, the two of them wrote The Big Sick, the story of how shortly into their relationship Emily almost died, with a bit of dramatic embellishment and with Zoe Kazan playing Emily. Believe it or not, according to our reviewers (and dammit, MOST reviewers) The Big Sick is not just one of the best films of the year, but one of the best Romcoms ever made. Check out the review with Jon, Chris, Harris, Marco and Beau.

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War for the Planet of the Apes

Director Matt Reeves brings the “Apes” prequel trilogy to a resounding and decisive close, following the further trials and tribulations of Caesar (Andy Serkis + an entire CG department) who only wants peace, but an insane human warlord (Woody Harrelson) won’t just let things be. Check out Chris, Richard, and Beau pointing at the film and going “OOH OOH OOH OOH” excitedly.

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The Beguiled

Remaking the 1971 Clint Eastwood film, Sophia Coppola tells the story of a wounded Union soldier (Colin Farrell) who is found by the girls of a boarding school in the Confederate south. Doing the ‘Christian thing’ and taking him in, the girls argue with each other and themselves of whether or not to turn him in to the Confederate army, where surely he would die. Slowly but surely they come under his BEGUILEMENT (see?) but that’s only the beginning. Check out Chris, Richard and Frank’s review, comparisons to the original, and take on the controversy surrounding the film.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man back in the MCU. Who woulda thunk it? But here were are and after Tom Holland’s highly praised appearance in the character in Captain America: Civil War, the anticipation for this cross-company Sony/Marvel stand-alone film has been precariously high. And with Michael Keaton playing The Vulture? Folks are champing at the bit to see how it works. But does it? Listen to Chris, Richard, Herman, Beau, and JC weave their critical webs around this latest attempt to capture Marvel’s best character.

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Despicable Me 3

How is this a franchise? That’s what we asked ourselves when the first sequel came out back in 2013. And AGAIN (but more exasperated) when the spin-off, Minions, came out in 2015. And here we go again. But full disclosure: yeah, they’re not classics or anything but some of us really enjoyed the movies anyway. UNTIL NOW. You’ve got to hear Ian, Aaron (NEW GUY), and Mike being guided heroically by Chris through their review of Despicable Me 3.

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Baby Driver

Edgar Wright is the kind of guy who appears to be a little obsessive with the geeky stuff. He made Shaun of the Dead to channel his zombie/horror fixation. Hot Fuzz for cop thrillers, The World’s End for alien invasion movies, and Scott Pilgrim for…well, maybe video games, but honestly I think he was just blown away by the comic book like all of the rest of us. But, not to put too fine a point on it, he’s a geek and his intricate and layered comedies are his versions of building a giant model from Star Trek or something. Now, enter his latest, Baby Driver: a fast-paced (for the first and last act) action musical (of sorts) with Ansel Elgort as the titular “Baby” who works as a getaway driver, and one helluva good one, for crime boss Kevin Spacey. Wright, as it turns out, has a real fixation for some of the classic ‘driver’ movies of the 70s and so, here ya go.

Also featuring Jamie Foxx, Jon Bernthal, Lily James, Jon Hamm, and Eliza Gonzales, Baby Driver is a car stunt-heavy, absolutely music packed and choreographed, action comedy….that we all at least liked. Yeah, some of us merely ‘liked’ it. Check out the review with Chris, Jon, Harris, Beau and Richard to find out why.

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Twin Peaks: The Return – Eps 7-8

This week is full of surprises. Not just the episodes of Twin Peaks themselves (although…JEBUS CRISTOS) but on our review show itself. Subbing out for our regular contributor Ian this week is beloved Oneofus regular Johnny Neill, who is as deeply passionate about this show as the rest of us. To add to that, we’ve got a special interview at the end of the episode with actor Christian Calloway who played one of the woodsmen in episode 8 who has some fascinating insights into the episode and working with Lynch.

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American Gods – Season 1

It’s a big year for great TV and in our humble opinion, the Starz network’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods fully lived up to expectations. Was it Bryan Fuller’s show-running? The dead-on but often surprising casting? Neil Gaiman’s scripting? Chris, Sarah, George, and Harris get in deep in their full spoiler discussion of the first season. Note: we’re pretty careful about avoiding spoilers for the future seasons from knowledge of the book so we’d appreciate it if you avoided them as well in the comments.