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Digital Noise Ep 110: Joe Wouldn’t Know About That

10 Submitted by on Thu, 24 September 2015, 08:59
Welcome to episode 110 of the best home release review show on the planet, Digital Noise. We’re a bit out of breath this week….lots of titles to cover, not a lot of time to do it as Fantastic Fest looms menacingly over our schedules, but we sure go into it with enthusiasm, covering Avengers: Age of Ultron, Furious 7, Entourage: Continue Reading...
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Animated Anarchy: When Marnie Was There

0 Submitted by on Wed, 02 September 2015, 12:59
As we conclude our coverage of the Annecy International Animation Festival, we’ll be focusing on the most beloved animation company in all of Japan: Studio Ghibli. When Marnie Was There is possibly the final film to be released from the prolific studio, you have to think about what has made this company so special compared to the American heavy-hitters. There Continue Reading...
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Animated Anarchy: Extraordinary Tales

0 Submitted by on Wed, 26 August 2015, 12:59
Animation and Anthologies go hand and hand like pencil and paper. Most of us grew up watching cartoons this way from the random one-shots thanks to Oh Yeah! Cartoons or retrospectives shown in creator-focused series’ like The Bob Clampett Show or The Wacky World of Tex Avery. Many of the earliest Disney features from Fantasia to Melody Time were done Continue Reading...
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Animated Anarchy: April and the Extraordinary World

0 Submitted by on Tue, 25 August 2015, 12:59
Today we’ll be starting the reviews for Animated Anarchy & Annecy week by looking at the major Triple AAA films of the festival. April and the Extraordinary World is the “Cristal” or “Best Feature Film” winner of the festival, beating out seven other nominees in the category. Touted as the newest film from the producers and animation studio behind Persepolis, Continue Reading...
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Digital Noise Ep 102: Robo-Richard

13 Submitted by on Thu, 23 July 2015, 16:59
Chris and Richard have their way with your earholes this week (ew, sorry) as they take on a delicious repast of home release titles, so tasty in fact that it took no small amount of discussion pre-cast to decide which of them to make their pick of the week. Add to that one of our best giveaways EVAR and you Continue Reading...
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Movie Review: Redeemer

0 Submitted by on Fri, 12 June 2015, 09:59
A man whose body is adorned with tattoos raises a gun to his head. A single bullet is in the chamber. He’s playing his own personal game of Russian roulette. He pulls the trigger and nothing happens. He prays to God for forgiveness and then goes out to kill some bad guys. He is the Redeemer. Directed by Chilean filmmaker Continue Reading...
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Diva Del Mar Reviews: Mad Max: Fury Road

2 Submitted by on Mon, 11 May 2015, 19:01
The world of Mad Max for many years was lost on me. My most dominant exposure to these cult classic favorites were of walking past my dad watching the various incarnations on the television as I went outside to play. On occasion, since my father’s taste in movies strongly influenced my geeky side, I would stop and watch a scene Continue Reading...
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Animated Anarchy: A Sit Down Over Steven Universe

1 Submitted by on Wed, 15 April 2015, 15:01
This week’s Animated Anarchy is brought to you brought the gemstone Amber; the only other gemstone starting with an “A” I could think of! The first article I wrote for was about the Top 5 Cartoons Currently Airing and Steven Universe continues to stand proudly on that list. We’re still dazzled by the animation, character growth, and brilliant storytelling Continue Reading...
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‘The Reconstruction of William Zero’ Review

0 Submitted by on Fri, 10 April 2015, 16:01
Guilt is an extremely powerful feeling. It’s capable of engendering anger, sadness and extreme self-loathing. Guilt can destroy a person, forming a wedge between everything they care about and what they think they care about. It also happens to be the central theme of Director Dan Bush’s latest film, The Reconstruction of William Zero. The film is about William Blakely Continue Reading...
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Diva Del Mar SXSW Review: The Boy

0 Submitted by on Mon, 16 March 2015, 07:01
Don’t you love it when a movie makes you think about it for hours after the initial viewing? I mean, regardless of the fact that it may be somewhat predictable, or maybe that it encompasses a theme that has been done before. A movie doesn’t have to be original to be great, it simply has to draw us in, capture Continue Reading...
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