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Animated Anarchy: ‘The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water’

0 Submitted by on Mon, 09 February 2015, 16:01
This week, Animated Anarchy brings disorder to the briny deep reviewing the #1 movie in America this weekend, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water! I didn’t go into this movie with the highest of expectations. I was one of the few kids growing up in 1999 who didn’t really like SpongeBob Squarepants as it graced the airwaves of Nickelodeon. Continue Reading...
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Animated Anarchy: Strange Magic and Shakespearean Love

4 Submitted by on Wed, 04 February 2015, 08:01
Animated Anarchy steps in for the Unusual Suspects reviewing the first major flop of the year, courtesy of Lucasfilm Animation! Someone call up the military, because I want to re-enforce the Scorched Earth Policy! Strange Magic is touted as the newest film of George Lucas, who wanted to create a new film series for little girls including his three daughters Continue Reading...
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Animated Anarchy: Bojack Horseman and Cartoon Premieres

7 Submitted by on Fri, 23 January 2015, 12:01
Let it be known that although Animated Anarchy is made with the safety and care of equines in mind, it is held together by Elmer’s Glue. So before I get to the big review topic of this weeks blog, I’ve been wanting to talk about a noticeable change in my experience watching cartoons. Thanks to the work of Cartoon Network’s Continue Reading...
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Animated Anarchy: How Continuity Revitalized South Park

5 Submitted by on Fri, 02 January 2015, 10:01
Hey there all of you Oners, thanks for coming down to Animated Anarchy to unwind, leave your woes behind, and read some opinions of mine.         South Park is a cultural institution. As much as some people want to deny it’s sensational beginnings and what it’s doing now, South Park is one of the sharpest existing properties Continue Reading...
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Animated Anarchy: The Legend of Korra

9 Submitted by on Mon, 22 December 2014, 08:01
Welcome back to Animated Anarchy for our first full-on review covering the Legend of Korra! Although we promote the use of carnage against cartoons, we are not supported by the Red Lotus. After going through years of developmental hell rivaling that of Arrested Development, The Legend of Korra has completed its fourth and final season as of Friday, December 20, 2014. Continue Reading...
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