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Eye on the Prize – Ep. 2: The Precursor Legacy

1 Submitted by on Fri, 08 December 2017, 09:45
A bunch of precursor awards and nominations have been announced since the last recording, so it’s time for the Eye on the Prize team to adjust their Oscar barometers. Join Justin Zarian, Ian Butcher and our newest co-host Shakyl Lambert as we discuss our week, recent Oscar news, the first round of major critic awards and our personal favorite wins Continue Reading...
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Eye On the Prize – Ep 1: Humble Beginnings

3 Submitted by on Thu, 30 November 2017, 09:46
Oscar season is upon us and we have launched a new podcast to keep you up to date on who is on track to take home the gold. This is Eye on the Prize with Justin Zarian, a limited run podcast for cinephiles who want to do fantasy football without that whole sports thing. This week is a bit of Continue Reading...
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