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‘The Love Witch’ Review

0 Submitted by on Tue, 15 November 2016, 10:59
Movies like Anna Biller’s The Love Witch escape qualification. Well, I shouldn’t say “movies like,” because there are honestly very few (if any) movies like The Love Witch. Biller isn’t a retro artist, but that might be the first thing you think when you see the aesthetic wonder she’s achieving. This film goes beyond retro into something more profound; a Continue Reading...
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‘Last Girl Standing’ Review

0 Submitted by on Fri, 04 November 2016, 08:59
Last Girl Standing is the latest in a series of slasher films that turn the genre on its bloody head. This trend has been somewhat exhausted in recent years, with not one, but two films in 2015 riffing on the idea of a “final girl” (Final Girl and The Final Girls; really?). The dissection of this trope doesn’t need any Continue Reading...
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‘Life’ Trailer

0 Submitted by on Thu, 03 November 2016, 06:59
Look! Up in the sky! What is it? A bird? A plane? Another big budget original sci-fi movie with A-list Hollywood actors? Wait, did you say original sci-fi movie? Do they still make those? I’ll admit, the trailer for Life genuinely took me by surprise. I knew almost nothing about it, and still feel somewhat dumbstruck that such a high-profile movie flew under Continue Reading...
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‘We Are X’ Review

0 Submitted by on Mon, 31 October 2016, 06:59
We Are X is the story of one of the biggest bands of all time. While many Americans are likely clueless to their superstardom, X Japan is an act that has captivated millions of fans around the world. This documentary serves as a good primer for the uninitiated as a straightforward account of the band’s rise to fame. While the Continue Reading...
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In Memoriam: Steve Dillon

0 Submitted by on Fri, 28 October 2016, 08:59
Last weekend in New York, comic book artist Steve Dillon passed away. Dillon, famous for his landmark work on series such as Preacher, was 54. Dillon’s work also included DC/Vertigo’s Hellblazer, Garth Ennis’ Hitman, and Wolverine: Origins. Anyone who read the books Dillon illustrated knew what a tremendous talent he was. Preacher, a genre-bending exploitation classic, was my first introduction Continue Reading...
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