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We Are Error Reviews: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

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Yes, while Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End came out several months ago, We Are Error’s Jon Romo has finally had the chance to play the latest entry in Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed franchise. Joining Jon are Christopher Herman and special guest Chris Cox to discuss what they thought of Nathan Drake’s final globe-trotting adventure. Listen, would you kindly?


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While braving the snow-swept wasteland of Buffalo, New York for 18 long years, Christopher Herman developed a love for geek culture. A child of the 90s, he was raised on the valuable lessons taught by Batman: The Animated Series, Hey Arnold and Animaniacs. Eventually discovering a passion for movies, books, comics and video games, Chris began hoarding his knowledge of geekdom. Whether it’s Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect, Firefly or Avatar: The Last Airbender, he’s always willing to discuss the intricate worlds and stories of geek properties. Chris currently resides in San Marcos, TX.
  • Seth Moore

    Although I don’t play a whole ton of games this game is definitely my favorite of the year! Also the whole series is probably my favorite ever. Great game, great series!

  • birdy the critic

    Can I ask a question? Do you guys like these games because of the stories and characters? That’s fine if that’s true (I personally despise Nathan Drake) but I have never gotten why people like these games AS GAMES. The shooting mechanics are boring, the puzzles are just excuses to show off the landscapes and graphics, and I was actually shocked people told me there are stealth mechanics in these games because I’ve played two of them and I never got that impression from playing them. I haven’t played Last of US but if you look at Naughty Dog’s production career, they seem to be trying harder than ever to DECREASE the amount of actual game play in their games. Is that a good thing? I miss Jak and Daxter. Those games had less story than Uncharted but they had much better game play. So final question: Are the Uncharted games good stories or good video games? I can believe the former, but not the latter.

    • Jonathan Romo

      I like them because of both the gameplay and the stories. I’ll agree that the first Uncharted game has weaker gameplay when played today (the shooting mechanics are too clunky), but I think by the fourth entry they’ve learned enough from other games to make the combat segments offer a better balance to the story.

      Don’t get me started on how much I miss Jak and Daxter though!