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Highly Suspect Reviews: Suicide Squad

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Not all heroes have halos. Some heroes aren’t even really heroes. Thus, DC’s Suicide Squad, a band of villains forced under threat of head explody to work for the government and stop a meta-threat. Will the villains/heroes succeed? Will Will Smith own the summer again (or at least rent with an option to buy)? Will Jai Courtney be able to act if they let him use his real accent? Will this be another nail in the coffin for DC’s current cinematic universe or will it give it sparkling fresh breath? The only way to know is to listen to Chris, Herman, Elliott, Joe and JC on this review.


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Born in the wilds of northern Virginia, in 1992 Chris managed to put all of his survival skills to use and barely escaped with his life to Austin Texas, where ever since he’s dabbled in everything from plumber’s assistant to sandwich maker, from band to bar management. An opportunity to see theatrical release films for free, by becoming a critic on a local public access show called “The Reel Deal”, turned into a full time job when Chris and his friends decided to take it to the internet. They built the site Spill.com, adding multiple podcasts and animated features, to no small amount of success. During this time, a fortuitous friendship sprung up between Chris and young Brian Salisbury, who was also a local film critic, and they merged their forces of will, and their laundry list of ideas for shows, to eventually build this paradise you see before you.
  • Krishna Nadoli

    Man, Zack Snyder and David Goyer really torpedoed DC’s chance to give Marvel a run for their money. I just don’t understand why they don’t give Snyder the boot, as well as bring someone LIKE Kevin Feige to do what Geoff Johns is failing to do, and actually do some serious cleanup for DC

    • Fernando

      Bruce Timm should have had control over the DC movie-verse in my opinion.

      • Ken Walker

        Be careful what you wish for… DC gave Bruce Timm ‘The Killing Joke’, and we see where that went.

        • Fernando

          Bruce Timm makes one mistake so let’s just disregard, an entire man’s career of hits. Ok

          • Ken Walker

            Bruce Timms work in the DC Animated universe is second to none. Love basically everything he has had a hand in. Just pointing out that maybe just pull back on the ‘Just give it to Bruce’ wagon a little as his last effort only came out days ago and it was terrible. Maybe he isn’t flawless.

          • Fernando

            Yeah their isn’t a single creator that is perfect, but he has far greater track record then any else DC has brought in for their cinematic universe. From what I have seen from the killing joke he really fucked up on that one.

  • GodDamnRobots

    I want a sequel where they fight Busta Rhymes and co. “Suicide Squad v.s. Flipmode Squad”

  • ruben

    Man DC is on a bad streak right now. I watched the Doubletoasted review for Killing joke and they trashed it. If Suicide squad fails to appeal to people then DC is gonna have to reboot the universe again. First they should just toss Zack Snyder out of the window. He has no.talent and his movies acting are more wooden than a elementary school play. I was looking forward to this movie too, I wanted it to be DC’s take on the Dirty Dozen.

  • Postman257

    That end rant was just a thing of beauty I plan to download this review and put the final 5 minutes on repeat

    Now I haven’t seen the movie yet and I’m not sure if I want to after hearing all the bad reviews this movie’s been getting but I think its a little unfair to blame Zack Snyder for whatever cons this movie has however I am always in favor of shitting on Zack Snyder for Zack’s continual projectile vomit of movies he makes.


    (also was somebody whispering or mattering when Joe was giving his final words ?)

  • Gadis poker

    wow !!! this was awesome because i love this movie so much whenever i watch


  • metalraygear

    I didn’t hate this movie, but It is just passible I guess. Joker was all over the place, and pretty bad.

    The songs were pretty annoying mainly because they didn’t really do much to energize the plot- they just seemed to be there to not have some dead air.

    I really liked the interaction of the team though. The villain was generic. And i knew it before I went in, but I really wanted Will Smith to be ruthless. Which he was not as the emotional core of the film.

    It really doesn’t do much for me though on the whole for the rest of DC’s universe. I honestly think they need to start over- the only thing I am remotely excited for now is Wonder Woman and even that I think I will wait for ALL of the reviewers I lean on to post their reviews.