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Highly Suspect Reviews – X-Men: Apocalypse

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Oscar Isaac dons the heavy blue makeup to become Apocalypse, the first mutant who wants to recreate the world into one where only the strong survive. Standing in his way are all the usual suspects (yes, I made a Bryan Singer pun) from X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past, and a lot of new ones…or at least, new young versions of heroes the franchise started out with. But…does it work? Well, we’ve got very mixed feelings about that. Listen to Herman, Richard, Elliott, and Chris express them.



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Born in the wilds of northern Virginia, in 1992 Chris managed to put all of his survival skills to use and barely escaped with his life to Austin Texas, where ever since he’s dabbled in everything from plumber’s assistant to sandwich maker, from band to bar management. An opportunity to see theatrical release films for free, by becoming a critic on a local public access show called “The Reel Deal”, turned into a full time job when Chris and his friends decided to take it to the internet. They built the site Spill.com, adding multiple podcasts and animated features, to no small amount of success. During this time, a fortuitous friendship sprung up between Chris and young Brian Salisbury, who was also a local film critic, and they merged their forces of will, and their laundry list of ideas for shows, to eventually build this paradise you see before you.
  • Jean-François Martel

    i’m still mad X-Men evolution didn’t get the chance to finish their storyline about Apocalypse.

    • Thanks for listening to the review! It’s been so long since I watched X-Men: Evolution. I completely forgot that it was cancelled. Seems to be the fate of many Marvel animated shows. I’m still upset about Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7yDf1q9jYw

      • Jack Omally

        Always loved Goth Rogue after that show. MMM-MMM!!

        Spectacular Spider-man and Wolverine and The X-men were fantastic. Pretty sure you can get both of them on Blu ray.

        • Jonathan Snyder

          Their animated shows have been mostly miss than hit for me. Wolverine and the x-men was fantastic and i wish there was a way to continue it

      • Jonathan Snyder

        I’m upset about Wolverine and the x-men too. I want a new x-men cartoon.

  • Ken Walker

    The notion that Apocalypse needs to be considered in regards to other characters is so spot on I wish I could frame it for the writers of this movie. What he did to Warren and Cable was so important to not other them, but his character also. And I second Remender’s X-Force run for seeing a great Angel / Apocalypse storyline.

    And hey, can somebody walk over to FOX and remind them that Quicksilver is not the Flash? I miss the angry, scorned side of Pietro far more than this Barry Allen clone he has morphed into.

  • DudeSayWhaaat

    Hey everyone! Great discussion about the movie. Really in deep and whatnot. It reminded me of another deep issue at current…and that is the need to GET OUT THE VOTE for the one person who can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…DONALD TRUMP! You think this site is sliding? Starting to show around the cracks? Well, Donald TRUMP will turn thataround when he is president!! He will make oneofus GREAT AGAIN too!!!

  • Jonathan Snyder

    I enjoyed this film. I see the flaws of it ( its uneven with its pacing and editing) but there was plenty of legit good stuff in this I thought. I don’t see how this is worse than BVS or X-men Origins: Wolverine like some of the early reviews were saying ( looking at you Forbes).Yeah, Apocalypse was a weak villain and still looks like discount Ivan Ooze. His horsemen were also underdeveloped, though Munn as Psylocke was pretty cool. I give this movie a 7/10.

  • Brendan O’Keeffe

    2:40 places the entire blame on former 20th Century Fox’s bigwig Tom Rothman! that fucking piece of shit deserves every bit of it.