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Movie BS Ep 295: ‘Kung Fu Panda 3,’ ‘Son of Saul,’ ‘The Finest Hours,’ Sundance

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0:00 – Eric’s at Sundance; Jeff has a new baby and misses being at Sundance;
3:45 – Our lunch sponsor: “Windswept: My Hair-Raising Adventure,” a picture book written and illustrated by Andy Peterson
5:20 – Jeff has to know what’s going on at the Sundance condo, which leads to an anecdote from the party
8:50 – Kung Fu Panda 3 review
14:00 – Son of Saul review
18:40 – The Finest Hours review (Bayer only)
23:40 – Snider’s Sundance report, with specific reference to: AbracaDeborah
Manchester by the Sea, which Snider hadn’t seen
The Birth of a Nation
The Intervention
The Fundamentals of Caring
Yoga Hosers
plus more anecdotes about our Sundance press pals, with a cameo by Sam Fragoso, plus lots of questions from Jeff about people’s hair

41:35 – QOTW (your Oscar votes)
45:05 – A Listener Asked Us Something® about screenwriting
49:35 – Recap, goodbye

QOTW: Give us your remake (casting, story, etc.) of a Coen brothers movie (Purely hypothetical, of course. No heresy intended.)

Kung Fu Panda: C+ 7/10
Son of Saul: B 7/10
Finest Hours: n/a 7/10

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