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Highly Spoilleriffic Reviews: Jessica Jones

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We got a giant crew to come out and talk in-depth (and I mean, for over an hour) about Marvel’s latest television series on Netflix, Jessica Jones, adapted from Brian Michael Bendis’ comic series Alias. Discussing are: Chris, Elliott, Sarah, Harris, Beau, Herman and Randy. Sit back and enjoy our spirited and spoiler talk discussion of this great show!


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Born in the wilds of northern Virginia, in 1992 Chris managed to put all of his survival skills to use and barely escaped with his life to Austin Texas, where ever since he’s dabbled in everything from plumber’s assistant to sandwich maker, from band to bar management. An opportunity to see theatrical release films for free, by becoming a critic on a local public access show called “The Reel Deal”, turned into a full time job when Chris and his friends decided to take it to the internet. They built the site Spill.com, adding multiple podcasts and animated features, to no small amount of success. During this time, a fortuitous friendship sprung up between Chris and young Brian Salisbury, who was also a local film critic, and they merged their forces of will, and their laundry list of ideas for shows, to eventually build this paradise you see before you.
  • quick_moranis

    Best live action thing Marvel’s done since Winter Soldier. I don’t get the Daredevil love sadly. I wish I could’ve enjoyed it.

  • Tian

    Harris’s unrecognized Bioshock reference 4tw 🙂

  • A. T. Smith

    They already made 10, 9 and Amy Marvel villains I don’t know who’d they go after next.

  • denis Nixon Jarhead.

    Did you notice the misty knight and colleen wing styled women on kilgrave’s arms in the flashback where jessica saves malcolm?

  • El Pollo Guerrera

    This review reminds me how much I loved listening to the old LEOG, and at times how much I didn’t like the old LEOG… it’s great hearing everyone’s opinion, but at times people just start talking over each other and it gets a little too loud.

    Great show, though, glad I listened!

  • Shadow of Cronus

    Cyrus, key thing you not considering or thinking of when your saying MOS’s Superman did not try to limit collateral damage during the one on one fight.
    The Avengers is multiple people vs multiple foes. Said multiple foes are individually weaker than 3-4 members of the heroic team. And so their is plenty of room for the lower members to save people and evacuate people while the bigger people take on the villains with force.

    With MOS, its Superman vs Zod… period and at best they are equals. Their is no distractions or things to delay Zod, if Superman suddenly stops fighting to go save people, Zod is going to kill those people before Superman can aid them or he is going to go slaughter other people or he will sneak attack Clark when he is distracted like he did when Clark turned to look back up at the oil tanker exploding.

    Trying to save people during a one by one fight would do nothing but bring Zod’s attention to them and especially after he promised to “take them all from you one by one” that should be the very last thing Clark would want.

    Your pissed he is just bashing the bad guy and not saving people, by keeping Zod’s attention off them he IS saving people.

  • Jack Omally

    I am kind of with Sarah and Beau. I think you could literally apply anything to anything if you reach/stretch far enough but even that felt like too much of a stretch.

  • Jack Omally

    It’s kind of funny, I guessed that Will Simpson and the whole Pill thing had to do with Captain America and I swear I have never ever heard of that character. Seeing a picture of him, I could not see anyway them face stamping an American flag on his face and making it believable. Although this finally might be the excuse to bring in one of the movie characters into the tv show or something. Make it so Cap hears about this experiment going on about Drugged up Captain America knock offs and asks for help From Jessica and Luke and Trish since they kind of have experience with it. Could work as a season 2.

    What pissed me off more about the Rosario Dawson thing was for me Thinking “Wait…This Hope girl needs a lawyer. Now who kind of has experience in the unbelievable (Like dealing with FUCKING NINJAS) and could tell if she was lying and would more then likely be her lawyer for free. Maybe that same guy can also be fucking blind and know how to fight and can help Jessica on her adventures…..” But no we get Rosario Dawson.

  • Travis Pickle

    totally thought she was going to rip his tongue out!

  • Capt_Hat

    “Jessica Jones vs GamerGate”
    That was horribly cringeworthy and completely untrue.