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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Good Dinosaur

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A lost dinosaur named Arlo and a small cave boy (yes, this is established as an alternate timeline) team up to survive in a rather hippy version of the alternate past where even the T-Rexes are just farmers. It could only be made in California. Brian and Elliot review.


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Born in the wilds of northern Virginia, in 1992 Chris managed to put all of his survival skills to use and barely escaped with his life to Austin Texas, where ever since he’s dabbled in everything from plumber’s assistant to sandwich maker, from band to bar management. An opportunity to see theatrical release films for free, by becoming a critic on a local public access show called “The Reel Deal”, turned into a full time job when Chris and his friends decided to take it to the internet. They built the site Spill.com, adding multiple podcasts and animated features, to no small amount of success. During this time, a fortuitous friendship sprung up between Chris and young Brian Salisbury, who was also a local film critic, and they merged their forces of will, and their laundry list of ideas for shows, to eventually build this paradise you see before you.
  • Austin/Chubblicious

    I did not like this movie, but i really enjoyed this review. I loved hearing what you guys ended up getting out of it, it made me appreciate the movie a lot more. Sadly I didnt get as much as you guys did out of it, I thought it was a bland mess of the lion king, finding nemo, and ice age. Yes, the environment looked good but that is my one positive, everything else seemed like a second thought, and in the end i felt like the good dinosaur ranked with some of the lower Dream Works movies. Its not as bad as cars 2, but for me it commits one of the worst cinema sins in that it was simply bland, and unlike most pixar movies it is strictly made for a younger audience.

  • Travis Pickle

    fun review and fun film but it was as shallow as a t-rex puddle footprint with the same plot of Nimo (dad dies not mother this time) yet somehow far simpler. The caveman kid is great but there’s no really great scenes, everything is reminicent of other better stuff like Ice Age and Finding Nemo. PIXAR finally finally doing dinosaurs should have been epic and played with scale and adventure but delivers very little that’s new. Like there’s a scene where the characters meet a bunch of T-rex’s just like the Sharks in Nemo but it lasts 30 seconds and goes nowhere, as does a fun Triceratops character in the woods but he just stands there and we never see him again!? The scenery is staggering! it’s worth watching on the big screen if you want to see the very best computer generated environments and water I think I’ve ever seen but honestly the plot (farming dino kid goes home) and straight to video cars/planes style characters (spot aside) were disapointing. Not Pixars worst but sad that they finally do the one obvious movie about dinosaurs you’d think was a no brainer and don’t really do anything original or exciting with it 3/5