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Movie B.S. #279: Fantastic Fest 2015, The Martian

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0:00 – It’s the last day of Fantastic Fest, and we saw a lot of movies
2:10 – The Martian review
10:50 – Fantastic Fest reviews, starting with The Keeping Room
14:00 – Anomalisa
18:25 – Men and Chicken
22:20 – Green Room
28:20 – April and the Extraordinary World
31:45 – Lovemilla
34:30 – High-Rise
38:40 – Der Bunker
42:00 – Hard to Get
43:20 – The Witch
49:15 – Dangerous Men
51:10 – The Devil’s Candy
54:35 – February
57:20 – Schneider vs. Bax
59:40 – Too Late
1:04:30 – The Lobster (Bayer)
1:06:00 – The Great Works of G.W. Zwaen (Snider)
1:07:00 – Sensoria (Bayer)
1:07:30 – The Brand New Testament (Snider)
1:09:45 – Liza the Fox Fairy (Bayer)
1:10:50 – Son of Saul (Snider)
1:12:45 – Remix, Remake, Ripoff (Bayer)
1:14:10 – Rabid Dogs (Snider)
1:15:20 – Man vs. Snake (Bayer)
1:17:10 – The Similars (Snider)
1:18:50 – Wrap-up and goodbye

QOTW: If it was guaranteed to be good, what film would you like to see remade?

The Martian: A- 9/10 (B.S.-approved!)


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