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Highly Suspect Reviews: Avengers: Age of Ultron

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That was pretty much all of our internal dialogues were saying while we were sitting in the theater waiting for this long-awaited sequel to The Avengers to start. Honestly, the projectionist is lucky he got it started on time because I suspect one of us might have rushed up to the booth to intimidate him if he hadn’t. HUGE expectations…could the film possibly live up to them? You certainly get a wide choice of Unusual Suspects to hear from about it. Chris, Brian, Richard, Elliott, JC, and Beau have control of the Criticism Gem as they review Marvel and Joss Whedon’s latest block-buster.


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Born in the wilds of northern Virginia, in 1992 Chris managed to put all of his survival skills to use and barely escaped with his life to Austin Texas, where ever since he’s dabbled in everything from plumber’s assistant to sandwich maker, from band to bar management. An opportunity to see theatrical release films for free, by becoming a critic on a local public access show called “The Reel Deal”, turned into a full time job when Chris and his friends decided to take it to the internet. They built the site Spill.com, adding multiple podcasts and animated features, to no small amount of success. During this time, a fortuitous friendship sprung up between Chris and young Brian Salisbury, who was also a local film critic, and they merged their forces of will, and their laundry list of ideas for shows, to eventually build this paradise you see before you.
  • TheOtherDude92

    -10/10 No Spider-Man Herpaderp

  • memories & myths

    ____”not gods who do not care about people like ants”____
    yes because superman totally did not give a shit about the human race when he almost sacrificed himself stopping the world engine (saving every living thing on the face of the earth by doing so), no they are just pathetic ants to him, fucking totally!

    ____”and even thor is you know… human!”____
    yeah because the entire first half of man of steel was totally not about humanizing clark, making him flawed and human, totally did not happen!

    ____”marvel is about people trying to stop bad things from happening, dc is about gods punching each other”____
    yes… because superman totally did not surrender himself to zod, having no idea of his plans for him, to prevent the consequences zod was threatening the world with, totally!!!

    • TheOtherDude92

      Someone is sallllty.

    • Andrew Catron

      Point #1
      The only person the movie showed Superman going out of his way to save was Lois-over and over and over. And to be fair, he did decide to go after the world engine on the other side of the planet before taking care of the one in the densely populated Metropolis.

      Point #2
      Superman should not need humanizing. The movie goes out of it’s way to define him as an alien, even in the first half.

      Point #3
      Actually, he surrendered himself to the US Army, who were then like, “Yeah, go along with Zod.” Also, you do realize that they use the word “God” a lot over at DC? Like “Injustice: Gods Among Us” and the “FALSE GOD” spray painted on the Superman statue in the BvS trailer, right? That’s practically company branding right there. And I’m not even highlighting the Jesus imagery from MoS.

      Not trying to start a fight, man. Just please realize that there are two sides to this fight, and we could do this all day if we wanted to. Instead, let’s just be happy that we live in a time where these movies are getting made.

      • dark knight fan

        Yes it’s great these are getting made and I done with this Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman, Justice League drama. I just going to have fun that there is a live action DCU.

        • Fernando

          Honestly that the way it should be. I personally do not care for Man of Steel because it totally misrepresents the character, but if somebody else does more power to them.

      • memories & myths

        yes of course he did, because the military had the power to destroy the ship over metropolis and are able to reach it, they can not reach the one in the Indian ocean, superman can! they wanted to destroy them simultaneously, it makes perfect sense!

        ___”Superman should not need humanizing”____
        yes because there is totally not a large vocal amount of people who think he is not a relatable character in his usual prefect for prefect sake state. totally not.
        i am not one of them mind you, but still.

        exactly he wanted to let this be the human races choice, if that does not show he cares about them more than ants i do not know what does, besides the stopping of the world engine of course, but i imagine he logically expected they would hand him over regardless.

        there is a big difference between being a god and savior, and being a god who doesn’t care and treats people like ants which he factually does not do in man of steel.

      • memories & myths

        oh and 2ndly yeah im pretty damn sure he went out of his way to rescue the people on the oil rig

    • memories & myths

      ___”we never saw any effort by the hero to save anyone”___
      yes because that totally would have been a smart idea, point a glaring sign to zod saying look i care about these individuals, come take them from me one by one exactly like you promised to do.
      no he did a vastly more intelligent thing, he kept zod’s attention on him and him alone.
      there is no way they could have pulled off superman managing to save individual people in the film, and it not be a plot hole for why zod did not take advantage of it or kill them immediately after with how bloody fast he is shown to move.
      there is a moment where superman is distracted and turns his head to look up at the oil truck exploding behind him and zod is INSTANTLY upon him punching him down.

    • dark knight fan

      Hey I like that scene when Lois says to Superman ‘why are you surrendering to them’ and Superman says ‘No I surrendering to the people of earth. I was like yup that’s Superman and good that the movie didn’t have Superman say ‘Swear to me’ like Batman.

    • dark knight fan

      I wasn’t one of these people who wanted Superman to be flawed and i was not one of these who thought will it be interesting if his Dad told not to save these people in the bus, it theses people who think Superman is boring.

      • memories & myths

        his dad was not bloody seriously suggesting he not save them, he knows that is not a option because his son is such a good person, he said “mabye” out of desperation to get to the point, which was that revealing to the world that aliens with godly power existing would factually have disastrous consequences to society.
        i do not at all think superman is boring, i like even love the character, the backstory, the mythos, the side characters, the villains, like even love all that, i just can’t stand it being shown thru bright campy silly ass toned stories and unrealistic worlds. you guys got 5 films with light hearted superman, its bloody time the people that want him taken seriously and not as a joke to get there turn!

        • GodDamnRobots

          I actually think Pa Kent was trying to let his son have a balanced life instead of having to have a secret identity and also constantly have the world demanding stuff of him. That’s what made it powerful to me, his dad was a good person with good intentions, and yet Clark had to mature and do what he thought was right without his dad there to see it.

          I think Man of Steel is ultimately a failed film, but it does a lot of things right, and I wish people wouldn’t just toss the whole thing out the window. There’s a weird sort of tendency that fans have to ignore anything a film does right if it’s a “Bad” film, or ignore anything a good film does wrong. Dark Knight had some really obnoxious melodrama and pacing issues, but because it’s so strong in other places people totally forget that. I feel like Man of Steel gets the reverse treatment.

  • dark knight fan

    Alright who is hotter Scarlett Johansson or Elizabeth Olsen because that what people want to know.

  • dark knight fan

    Ok so Quicksilver in age of ultron is not better than Quicksilver from days of future past?

  • Jan

    I know the site’s steeped in geekdom and everything, but man, this is one of the most biased reviews I’ve listened to since the start of OneofUs. Definitely needed a POV with a bit more skepticism/objectivity towards the Marvel films and everything comic-book related. No flaws whatsoever? Five 10/10’s and one 9/10? Come on, get real for a minute; the film’s like one big commercial for whatever comes next…..

    • Chris Cox

      I did in fact list a number of flaws the film had, but that doesn’t change that my reaction was still glowing anyway. You guys still put way too much weight on the numbers we give as opposed to the actual reviews.

      • Jan

        Complaining that there wasn’t “more of everything” or that “the movie wasn’t long enough” aren’t real complaints, IMO; just more compliments dressed down as ‘flaws.’ I think it’s cool ya’ll liked the film but this is basically a fanboys-review; there needed to be one outsider, at least, to offer up an objective opinion. Six people all in sync and offering perfect scores isn’t a real review anymore. I’d understand it if this was universally loved more (Toy Story 3, Social Network) but this has a pretty flawed score of 73% of Rotten so far.

        • Scott Johnson

          So in order for a review to be justified, you need a contrary opinion? Those are honest critiques. Did you see the movie or are you just going with how Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic judges it? Because people have tons of different opinion of what’s the best or better Marvel movies.

          • Jan

            Not a contrary opinion, but an unbiased opinion; that’s you putting a spin on my words. And I’ve seen it, btw, and I’d rate it a fair 3 out of 5 stars. I’m not interested in posting spoilers but I could easily name a dozen, significant flaws; and I’m not even a professional critic. Did I expect all of them to mentioned? Hell, no. But six different voices and none of them touch upon any of them? I don’t consider that a review anymore, which is unusual because I think the OneofUs crew is very articulate in dissecting films, good or bad. This was just a praise-party.

          • Scott Johnson

            I saw the movie too. I’d give it a 9/10, and my issues with it are different than what the OneOfUs crew says. There are plenty of reviews where everyone is on the same side, this just happened to be positive, where it’s more common where everyone is negative. They mention some action scenes don’t work and the 3D fails and some of the shots don’t appeal to them more than others. It’s still technically a review even if everyone comes ahead enjoying it.

          • Elliott Fontenette

            Thanks for listening! I plan to see avengers at least 2 more times!

          • Elliott Fontenette

            On to the third viewing! So far still 10/10 for me!

          • Brian_Salisbury

            I am curious as to how we are biased? Do we know someone in the film? Are we buds with Joss Whedon? Are we getting money from Disney? Nope. So the bias comes from…the fact that we’ve genuinely generally liked the Marvel movies? Really dude? Maybe we didn’t have problems with it, if you did, good for you! That’s your opinion, but to call us biased because we all happened to love the hell out of a movie is an absurd claim.

          • Jan

            Being biased doesn’t necessitate that you have to ‘known’ someone that’s personally involved with the production. I’m a huge Michael Mann fan and I’m pretty sure I’m biased towards whatever he puts out (I gave Blackhat a 4 out of 5 rating) but I don’t know the guy; yet I’m fully aware I’m very lenient regarding flaws and ratings when it comes to Mann films. Just acknowledge you’re more favorable towards Marvel productions. And again, there’s nothing wrong if ya’ll loved the film equally, I just think it’s incredibly superfluous to have six guys with the same POV gushing all over a film for thirty minutes long. That’s just not a review, or at the very least it’s a very one-sided review. I mean, this has a 75% rating on Rotten, and even the positives ones are mostly B’s and/or 7/10’s. Yet here you have six guys gathered in a room, all readily available to hand out six perfect scores, without pointing out any flaws? Either you caught lightning in a bottle or you’re blinded by the fact that there’s a Marvel logo upfront.

            I really respect you guys, I’ve been listening you guys since OneofUs’ inception, but I’m just telling you how the review comes across, to me.

          • I think it’s just that you guys are glass-half-full kind of people and are willing to embrace/ignore flaws in films where as most people on the internet are going into reviews with ego and hoping for a popular IP to be taken down a peg. The last thing someone should be criticizing a review for is its lack of criticism. That should just go to say how little there is to be criticized. End of story.

          • Chris Cox

            One man’s ‘flaws’ aren’t necessarily another’s. The internet is FILLED with nitpicking things about no end of films that for my money, don’t count as flaws so much as ‘they didn’t like it’.

          • Jan

            I understand that flaws are subjective just like any other aspect, but I certainly wouldn’t label my problems with the film under ‘nitpicking’; they’re just too glaring to dismiss, let alone go unmentioned entirely during a thirty-minute review involving six different people.

            But just to put it in a bit of final perspective, on how I’m perceiving this review ultimately, this is no different to me than (i.e.) six Nolanites handing out six perfect scores to “Interstellar” without mentioning/acknowledging any flaws it had. If I came across as strident during these last few posts, I apologize, but that’s the level of frustration I experienced with this particular review of Age of Ultron.

            I’ll leave it at that, btw, I didn’t mean for this to escalate as it did. I appreciate your reviews/opinions (since the Spill days, also) and will continue to do so, but we can’t always agree on everything I suppose.

          • jcdeleon1

            I felt I was pretty objective in how I thought this was better because when you rewatch The Avengers, it does seem small and it was shot like a TV show. This is better, because it’s made better.

        • Chris Cox

          That’s not what I said. I said there wasn’t enough character exploration for the new characters and the film therefore felt overly ambitious. Just because we all think that Marvel has created something unprecedented in their creation of a largely much more good than mediocre franchise of films doesn’t require us to seek out someone who disagrees to be on the review. It would be inauthentic for us to feel like we HAD to find a naysayer somewhere, Certainly most of my friends feel the same way we do.

      • jcdeleon1

        We do, after all, call it the *arbitrary* ratings scale.

    • NegPrimer

      I actually agree with Jan on this. My friends and I spent hours afterwards making fun of this movie. They still liked it, but it had SERIOUS flaws, including some things that that OOU was praising the movie for.

      • Chris Cox

        So, by definition, not flaws if some can praise for the very same thing you looked at as a negative. We’re talking opinions on story, not errors.

        • NegPrimer

          Well, if we’re going to argue semantics, you can very easily praise something/someone for its/their flaws. “I like that he’s not perfect”, and our fascination with anti-heroes, for example.

          I’m going to skip the over-reliance on quips, suffice to say that it took all the tension out of every single scene of the movie. Lets talk about some plotlines that were touched on but then never resolved…like the whole thing where the Avengers start to fight and then are suddenly best friends again. Lets talk about the nonsensical bit about having to use a cloning machine to create a body for Ultron out of metal. Lets talk about how Nick Fury appears out of thin air twice. Lets talk about the hamfisted love story between Black Widow and Hulk. Or hell, lets just talk about how Hulk is no longer a rage monster and is apparently able to pilot the quinjet on his own.

          Look, I’m not saying you have to give this anything less than a 10/10. But some acknowledgement that there are going to be some aspects which will put people off is important.

          • Chris Cox

            Your first paragraph doesn’t even make sense. If the POINT is for a character to be not perfect, or an anti-hero, then they are not flaws.

            If you don’t like the lots of quips, you may just not be a Whedon fan, which is your prerogative. It’s always been his style and many, many people feel it compliments the action and tension perfectly. And yeah, we can talk about those things. Like friends fight then find a way out by fighting (have you ever been in a relationship?). The ‘cloning’ machine is basically a 3d printer. It uses whatever substance you put in it to create the designed item, whether it be flesh and blood or robot. Not so hard to understand. You have problems with Nick Fury showing up? I don’t even know how to address that one. Hamfisted love story? Once again, so YOU say. Lots of us thought it was great. Or how the Hulk, even in the comics, isn’t incapable of thought and can turn on the auto-pilot probably with some degree of ease.

            I don’t have to acknowledge that some things put some people off; that’s clear by people like you complaining. But just because YOU didn’t like something didn’t make it by definition flawed. Hell, I know some folks who hated “The Dark Knight”, “A New Hope” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Doesn’t mean that they’re right about the movies being flawed, just that those movies aren’t right for them.

    • JJ_Huber

      You do know there is no objectivity in criticism, right? It’s art. There is no mathematical equation to tell you why something is good. It’s all from your own perspective, hence subjectivity.

    • GreggCScott

      Yeah, a perfect score is beyond ridiculous, not just for this movie specifically but this kind of movie. It may even be my favourite Marvel movie (2nd favourite), but a perfect movie? In the last few months alone Mad Max and Ex Machina came out and they’re clearly in a league so far above Marvel super hero cheese I’m embarassed to even make the comparison. And I still wouldn’t give those movies a perfect score.

  • Neil Kelly

    I had a few more problems with the movie than you guys did, probably from things I didn’t understand fully or from Joss giving away a lot of stuff before the release. But it was styill massively entertaining and wonderfully pieced together. A great sense of wit and some bad ass action scenes. It isn’t a perfect 10, but it is a film I will re-watch again and again. 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of this movie. Will this be a same day VOD/theater release? I’d love to support this Josh Whedon and his indie darling sensibilities.

    • dark knight fan

      Whedon is awesome, but he’s no Shane Black.

      • I’d actually give Joss Whedon the edge in that contest. I haven’t seen it in years, but Angel was a huge part of my childhood.

  • You’re Not My Supervisor

    Brian, I’m surprised that the villains are one of your favorite parts of the marvel movies. To many fans I feel like the villains save for Loki are the weakest aspect of the marvel movies.

  • Travis Pickle

    Finally got a fantastic HULK film but everything is so amped up to 11 it gave me brain ache! felt like 3 films smashed into 1, Hawkeye on the farm – no ta, huge ass numbing running time and smart arsed quips to the max! BUT The Vision was excellent and there is tons to enjoy so lots of re-watchability. Wtf Ultrons mouth though? and Thanos at the end Again! if you want more of the same Avengers stuff maxed out on Mega Asgard grade crack with more characters and shit flying everywhere then you will cream your spandex but the best comic book thing I’ve seen recently is still Dare Devil.

    • Charles Armstrong

      I’m glad someone else mentioned Ultron’s mouth. It weirded me out.

  • wiener schnietzel

    I was thinking the whole week about this movie (watched it on Monday) because something irked me about this movie. And I was really looking forward about your analysis of the movie. Well you decided to focus on the fan service aspect of the movie and in that regard I have to agree it’s a 10/10 movie.
    I still think it didn’t entirely work as a movie thou…

  • Andre Garcia

    Avengers: Age of Ultron:

    Positives: great chemistry from the cast; great performances from James Spader as Ultron, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver, Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany as The Vision; well done visual effects, fun action sequences and great fight scenes.

    Negatives: When Ultron becomes evil. When Ultron activates (and I mean he just turned on), He just starts looking up what humans did in the past, and then he turns on the Avengers. That’s it.

    Mixed: The foreshadowing to future events. I wanna say they’re marketing the later movies, then again, it also foreshadowing what gonna happen to these characters and reveals their pasts.

    Final Verdict: 9.9/10 I highly recommend it.

  • To give the opinion of a non-comic book reader (yes, we do exist out there, and realistically make up the majority of those who go see these films), this movie was far from a 10. Aside from Ultron who was my favorite part of the film I found the new characters extremely boring and uncharismatic, and this felt like a much smaller scale movie to me than the first one.
    This to me feels like the turning point where the casual movie goer will start to check out – Ant Man is gonna bomb compared to the box office Marvel has become accustomed to, and if this is the future of the Avengers franchise start getting used to general apathy.

  • Batj()y

    Everything was great except can Marvel get a epic Soundtrack to go along with their epic films! The music was so bland.

    • Michael Giustini


  • rickdidaz

    My issue with this film:

    – Just like the last Avengers movie, it was that it’s too jokey at times. Something serious is happening and they keep cracking jokes (like when Hulk murdered some people and Tony is going “ooopsie” a minute or so after, really?).
    – Everyone is in love with Ultron, and although he was good I still found his personality annoying and, again, cracking jokes all the time (and half of his jokes fall flat).
    – For a super intelligent AI, he didn’t act like one.
    – Big chunks of the movie seem to be missing (though to be fair I’m sure it can be explained by the hour that was cutoff).
    – Some parts didn’t mash with the overall MCU storylines (Tony Stark is Iron Man here with no explanation, even though in IM3 he gave up being Iron Man)
    – Typical superhero clitches like not killing the hero when s/he is captured, things that could’ve easily been avoided but weren’t because…script, etc.

    8/10 for me. I know I’m criticizing it a bit but overall I did have fun, I just needed to point out some things that I wasn’t in love with as the movie is getting praised like crazy. It’s a superhero film sure, but that shouldn’t excuse it from critiques that other genres (or less hyped movies) would be pointed out.

  • I totally agree with the review. It has its issues and I think the 1st Avengers is a bit better but I still loved this movie and plan 1-2 more viewings.

  • Michael Giustini

    Come on guys, lay off Snyder. Just because he is not making superhero films that you want to see does not make them any less great for those who do want to see them. To me, DC and Marvel represent great versions of two entirely different types of superhero films, each just as valid as the other.

  • Flo Rida

    Comparing Marvel to DC is like comparing William Hung to Mozart…Marvel makes fun popcorn movies, but DC creates thought provoking character developed scripts

    • Fernando

      “Dc creates thought provoking character developed scripts” is the funniest thing I have read all day.

  • Traitorsgate

    Not bad, but certainly not great either. Whedon’s “Too cool for school” style of writing has always king of grated on me. It usually works within the context of a short TV episode but in a film that clocks in at well over two hours, sorry no thanks.

    I guess at the end of the day the Avengers films seem more about fan service than really telling any sort of compelling story. Would have preferred a film more centered around characters like Baron Von Strucker and the Scarlet Witch. Instead they got rid of Stucker and the Scarlet Witch was more about a promise of things to come.

    As far as the MCU is concerned it’s still only The Winter Soldier & Guardians of The Galaxy that have found a place in my Blu-Ray collection. The Avengers films are more about setting the hook for another phase of individual films.

  • I liked Age of Ultron, but it has a number of problems. There are quite a few continuity issues and some characters just fall flat.

    For instance, Tony Stark suddenly becoming Ironman again after the events of Ironman 3 is never explained. Granted, Ironman 3 had a lot of problems to begin with, and addressing this particular issue would have included bringing up events that some people would prefer to ignore.

    While I agree that James Spader was good as Ultron, I think Joss Whedon’s dialogue undercut how menacing he could have been. Ultron was the dark version of Stark. He had the swagger and the ego, but he also had the humor, which I think worked against him in some scenes.

    There’s the scene with Thor that comes out of the blue that’s just there to set up the next several Marvel films. The scene is just an example of lazy writing and wanting to pack in more characters that have no business being in the film to begin with.

    Quicksilver and especially Scarlett Witch are pretty much in the film to function as plot devices (like Hawkeye in the first Avengers). They’re not compelling characters and giving them a handful of lines to explain their backstory is hardly the best way of trying to get me to care about them. Had they not been there, I feel like we could have gotten more time with Vision, who I thought was one of best things about the movie. Also, I’m still confused about Scarlett Witch’s powers. She seems to be able to do anything no matter what the situation is.

    Finally, the Deus ex machina that comes at the end undercuts the seriousness of what’s happening in the final act. It’s the type of thing that comes in to fix everything and make everyone happy. It’s not earned and extremely reminiscent of a few feathered creatures coming in to save the day at the end of a certain epic-fantasy franchise.

    While I enjoyed the film for what it was, it has too many issues that prevent it from being one of the standout Marvel films, which I still think are Winter Soldier, Guardians and Ironman 1.

  • Ken Walker

    Side note – Pretty sure Union Jack was actually in the first Captain America movie.

  • Antonio

    Fuck this movie,mediocre at best, Thors power is down played, kid friendly villain, bring back RED Skull BITCHS

  • Maven Cree

    If they re-release a 4 hour cut of this movie into theatres in a few months, I will pay to see that.

  • James I Cameron

    I loved it but I think I know why others may be willing to finally give
    up on the whole Marvel movies thing. Most of you have seen it now so I’m
    going to freely talk about spoilers. I think as soon as they introduced
    The Vision (awesome that they did btw, did not think they would use him
    but then again they are going to introduce Dr Strange so I guess I’m
    not that surprised), they may have alienated a large chunk of the
    general movie-going public. This feels like the one where it’s gone
    beyond just being a superhero film into being a comicbook film. I’m down
    with that since I love comicbooks but I’m not so sure that approach is
    going to be as mainstream appealing as Marvel/Disney/Universal expect it
    to be. I mean, I’m keeping track that we’ve had 4 infinity stones accounted for
    but I don’t think the general public really gives a shit what they are
    let alone how many have appeared on screen so far. This might be the
    film where some viewers are finally thinking ”I want a film about these
    characters, not their comic stories”.

  • Rodrigo – RoverRandom

    I think anyone that grew up never dreaming of the possibility of such a thing will appreciate this movie. Of all marvel movies, including the first Avengers, this is the one that took me back to what felt like reading a comic while growing up, imagining the movement between panes.
    There are some cuts and some parts that seemed crammed, felt that maybe if it had fifteen more minutes it would be perfect, you know to tie all things that felt loose. I give it a “Complete suspension of disbelief”

  • Sam

    What’s disappointing is that I’m actually getting more analysis of the movie from the comments section than I did from the audio review. Commenters are actually discussing specific aspects of the movie rather than just talking about the MCU in general.

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