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Movie B.S. Episode 254: ‘Get Hard,’ ‘It Follows,’ Character Casserole

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Editor’s Note: This is the first episode of Movie B.S. to be posted here at OneOfUs! We are so thrilled to host this outstanding movie/comedy podcast and hope you will enjoy the weekly film funnies of Eric Snider and Jeff Bayer.



0:00-5:45- Introductions; a brief and mostly inaccurate description of the show; we’re on now!
5:45-23:00Get Hard review
23:00-33:40 – It Follows review
33:40-46:20 – Question of the Week (suggestions for improving the show)
46:20-58:45 – A round of Character Casserole (Alex Forrest, Hermione Granger, Jessie the cowgirl)
58:45-1:01:10 – Recap, summary, and goodbye


QOTW: What standalone movie deserves to be expanded into a 7-film franchise?


Get Hard C+ 5/10
It Follows A- 8/10
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  • dark knight fan

    Yes One Of Us is getting bigger and funnier.

  • yeah, more content

  • dark knight fan

    Now that I listen to Movie B.S review of It Follows, I don’t need to ‘listen’ to the Highly Suspect review of the movie.

  • Jean-François Martel

    i say, before each podcast you watch a random movie on Netflix or whatever, preferably something you’ve never heard of, in any genre, and you review that movie.

  • Jean-François Martel

    Dredd (the Karl Urban one) deserves to have 7 movies!

  • shadeybaby

    Welcome, Eric and Jeff! It’s been an eternity when I first started listening to your podcast and stopped listening to it for…no discernible reason. But I’m more than happy to jump back on board now that you’ve joined the OOU team. Cheers!

    • Jeff

      Shadeybaby – Truth be told, Eric and I had been talking about you not listening for a long time. Our main thinking was, switching to would have the potential for luring you back. Our master plan worked liked a charm.

  • Austin/Chubblicious

    Hey guys! This is the first time I listened to the show and I really enjoyed it. It Follows finally was released in a theater near me in Seattle so I will finally get a chance to see it!

    • Jeff

      Let us know what you think of IT FOLLOWS, and thanks for listening.

  • Neil Kelly

    Very good podcast, I’m glad to see this have a spot on OneofUs and (hopefully), I’ll have time to catch each new episode.

  • Mr_Plainview

    Well it’s my first time listening you to guys and right from the intro song you won me over. Then you went the extra mile and told me that in addition to reviewing movies you’d provide a traffic and weather report. You guys have no idea how long I’ve waited for a one-stop-podcast for all my movie and traffic reporting needs!

    But then what happened? You pulled the rug right out from under me and said you were lying. That the traffic and weather on the nines was just a joke, just a little comedy bit. Just like that all my hopes and dreams were shattered and I turned to drinking; ten years sobriety down the drain. I had to stop the podcast and do some serious soul searching. I left my family, left my home, and wandered aimlessly for a while. Eventually I went back and finished the podcast and I’ll be listening to your future ones and subscribing, so you guys have that. But at what cost? I’m just a broken shell of a man now.

    If you could see it in your hearts to maybe in a future podcast provide me some traffic and weather that would go a long way to mending my fractured soul. It can be any traffic; local, national, worldwide, galactic, movie, pan-sexual, literary, animal, vegetable, mineral. Just let me know what movies are good and what routes to expect delays on. Is that too much to ask? It’s a faint hope I know, but it’s a hope that keeps me going if this difficult crazy world.

  • mara2diana