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Digital Noise Episode 84: Givin’ You Whiplash

27 Submitted by on Fri, 06 March 2015, 10:01

On this week’s Noise, we introduce the third new member of the DN family. You know him, you love him, he’s a magic man: The LEOG’s Mr. Johnny Neill!  He’ll be the new rookie Blu-ray cop paired with Brian, the cantankerous old veteran. Wait, how did that work out?

In keeping with the tradition of an initiation, Brian runs Johnny through a painful gauntlet of garbage. Luckily, there are titles like Foxcatcher, Whiplash (which we’re also giving away), and a quartet of classic musicals to provide a silver lining to this cloud of dreck. Not only that, but we also bring in Mr. Matt Frank for a special bonus segment to review Shout Factory’s Super Sentai Zyuranger collection…because why wouldn’t he review that?!

Also, Johnny’s answers to his very first Letterbox questions are pretty outstanding! Crunchy Fucking Peanut Butter! Don’t ask, just download and listen.

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Foxcatcher Bluray Review   Whiplash Bluray Review   Musicals Collection Bluray Review

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Satyricon Bluray Review   The Captive Bluray Review   Super Sentai DVD Review

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Blacula Scream Blacula Scream Bluray Review   New Years Evil Bluray Review   Zombieworld DVD Review

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The Humbling Bluray Review   Dragonheart 3 Bluray Review   Innocence Bluray Review

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Written by

Brian is a four-year veteran of the interwebs, a member of The Austin Film Critics Association, and currently writes for Film School Rejects, Movie Pilot,, and Fandango. An obsessive consumer of film, Brian loves everything from Buster Keaton to 80s post-apocalyptic sci-fi. He’s also a diehard Indianapolis Colts fan and collects VHS, laser discs, and classic game systems. An eighth-level geek overlord, Brian is one of the founders of, the brainchild of he and partner in crime Christopher Lawrence Cox. Brian cohosts both the Inside the Locker and Digital Noise podcasts.
  • Ryan Naughton

    YAY, more Matt Frank!

  • David Armendariz


  • zgamer

    Man, Brian and Johnny have fantastic chemistry with each other. This has been one of my favorite shows in a while because there’s just so much fun being had between these hosts. I’m so glad Johnny has found a great groove with this podcast and I can’t wait to listen to these two more as they rotate the hosts!

    • Johnny Neill

      Thanks, Gamer! It’s really fun! And I see a lot of movies I would likely never see, both good and bad.

  • rickdidaz

    Hopefully I win the giveaway!

  • Neil Kelly

    Johnny Neill is just killing it, I hugely enjoyed this episode. 🙂

    • Johnny Neill

      Thanks Neil!

  • Santos

    Whiplash is great. J.K. Simmons played a total fuckface.

  • El Pollo Guerrera

    Looking forward to hear more of Johnny in reviews, along with Michelle and Sam.

  • Jean-François Martel

    The wall thing between Scotland and England is actually a real historical thing. I was shocked too, i learned this recently in English Culture class. George R.R. Martin was inspired by that for the wall in GOT.

  • Jean-François Martel

    Also welcome among Us, Johnny!

    • Johnny Neill

      Thanks! Happy to be here!

  • Jean-François Martel

    Innocence sounds like someone tried to remake Lucky McKee’s The Woods but for some dumb reason tried to mix it with Twilight?
    Now i wanna rewatch The Woods

  • Silverfisk

    This was one of the best host combos ever on oneofus, great show.

    • Rock-X

      Unfortunately, I can’t agree with that. I don’t know what episodes of the LEOG he was on, but I probably remember enjoying his discussions with the group; For some reason, however, I find myself falling asleep by the time Whiplash was being discussed. I initially thought it was because I woke up an hour earlier than usual and was feeling the effect last night, but then I pick up at Whiplash and was starting to nod off again; to the extent that I put the audio on 1.5 speed and skipping one title to get to the Sentai review before finally stopping after Zombieworld. I don’t know what it is with me when Spring Break starts, but I just couldn’t finish (especially since I don’t drink).

  • Whitewizard

    brian those were the best metaphors for whiplash ever. also +2 cool points for appealing to my history nerdiness with the agoge reference. i have fallen in love with whiplash and keep trying to get everyone to watch it. for me it felt like i was watching the cleanest horror thriller ever set to music it was truly epic. my take on was that it is about the pursuit of perfection and how terrifying it is to just try to be perfect much less achieve perfection, and now that description has your brilliant agoge for musicians lol awesome stuff.

  • Whitewizard

    chris for all the horror movies you watch i have to chastise you for the
    lack of total enthusiasm for the Power rangers fan film. that thing was
    amazing i loved i was kinda hoping you and brian woulda talked about
    it on the breakfast pub. for me if they just tweaked the story around to
    just have it be the original 6 the whole thing could easily have a ‘the
    usual suspects’ vibe and quality.

    • Rock-X

      I checked a previous fan made trailer for power rangers my brother showed me about a year ago, and believe me, I was not at all enthusiastic about it. It went with the same grim/ gritty feel that this new one has from the clips I’m seeing, but it was so far detached from anything that resembled Power Rangers that I just sighed and said “What was the point then?” Based on some other reviewers’ tweets, I think my reaction to the fan film will be no different.

      • Whitewizard

        that was what i liked about the fan film it really understood the history of the different characters. for me it felt like the grimness was natural to the world and the characters and because it incorporated their backgrounds to the characters it didn’t just feel like a brand whore. there was a reason why the characters were used for the story. i loved it but i understand those who don’t

  • Andrew Catron

    How in the world does Johnny Neil not have his own radio program by now? I would totally sign on for “Fireside Chats, with Johnny Neil.”

  • Kyle Voltti

    The Captive was filmed in my home town here in Sudbury… the snow does go away…. sometimes 🙂

  • Travis Pickle

    ”Is it lesbiany?” Love you Johnny Neill! 🙂

    • Johnny Neill

      Thanks! It’s a valid question when you have a girls school setting! It’s also a selling point…

  • VintageSnarker

    Howard Keel wasn’t in Oklahoma…

    • Johnny Neill

      D’oh! That was Ralph Meeker, right? I love Ralph Meeker. One of the greatest Not Quite An A Listers ever.

      • VintageSnarker

        Curly was played by Gordon McRae. I don’t mean to harp on it but it’s not often that I get to drop knowledge about musicals on here. 😉 It was a great episode aside from this one slip. I’m glad you’re joining Digital Noise.

        • Johnny Neill

          Wishful thinking on my part! Thanks for the corrections!

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