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Welcome to Springfield: The Bad, The Ugly, and the Why Did I Sign Up for This?

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The Simpsons is like a family member to me, when I was younger I’d come home and it was waiting for me, reviewing the newer episodes has been like visiting a seriously ill relative in the hospital: you keep hoping they’ll get better, but deep down you know they’ll never be the same.

Empty Space



Summary: Bender is sent back to kill Homer Simpson, after some evaluation it’s determined to be Bart that they’re after since his DNA makes up a species that’s destroying NYCC, with the help of Lisa the Planet Express crew capture all the creatures and send them away.

Review: If there’s a guidebook for running a film and television company the words “Expanded universe” are probably in the revised edition, and were mentioned during the writing of this episode. While there’s some good moments (Maggie and Bender at the track being mine) its hard to overlook the fact we’ve completely re-written The Simpsons‘ continuity for the sake of a crossover. Earlier in the year when Family Guy did a crossover and contained it to that one episode, if a show like Family Guy can do that then Futurama has no excuses. 2/5

Blazed and Confused


Summary: Bart gets a new teacher who proves to be a bully, in an effort to get back at him Bart finds out about a festival he attends and decides to sabotage him in front of a large crowd, after doing so he comes back embarrassed and loses his job.

Review: Marcia Wallace’s death left some major holes in the show, she’s Bart’s teacher and it’s hard to do a school story without her, but the way they used her death in this episode is sickening, rather than have an episode about Bart dealing with a new teacher the family (and Milhouse) go on a trip and attend a Burning Man style event, the connection between the two is flimsy and the episode diverts from its original problem quickly. I also have to takes mark off this episode for it’s over use of hippie stereotypes, I know some writers were around during those times but give it a rest, we’ve seen these so many times before it’s not clever, it’s really annoying. 0/5



Summary: Dr. Hibbert, Kirk Van Houten, Reverend Lovejoy and Homer form a band named Covercraft, while looking for a lead singer they discover Apu, who used to sing to keep him sane at work. After a video of their gig reaches one of the bands they’re covering, they offer Apu the job of lead singer, and Homer becomes jealous. Apu discovers the work conditions to be worse that the Kwik-E-Mart and wants out, when they come back to Springfield Homer plans to sabotage Apu until he discovers the bands treatment of him, with some help from Sanjay they give the rest of the band food poisoning and Apu performs with Covercraft.

Review: While watching this all I could think was “If they ever made Grown Ups an animated show, this would be in the first season.” The story has been done before by other TV shows (South Park, Family Guy, Saved By the Bell, etc.) and is always the same, in that way band episodes are insulting. to round out the problems with this episode is the guest star, if you were going to do another music episode, could you have gotten someone a little more relevant? 0/5

I Won’t Be Home for Christmas:


Summary: Homer stops by Moe’s after work for a few quick drinks on Christmas eve, unfortunately Moe’s messed with the clocks and when he puts them back Homer sees he’s late. Marge is furious with Homer and banishes him from the house, leaving Homer to wander around Christmas Eve Springfield. Back at home Moe slides down the chimney and reveals it was his fault Homer was late, prompting the family to go look for him, eventually the find him and reunite for Christmas.

Review: This episode takes a unique perspective for a Christmas episode, showing how the non-nuclear family lives during Christmas, and having spent my first Christmas away from home it was nice to see that side for once. This December marked the official 25th anniversary of the show, and the first episode was a Christmas special so it’s hard not to compare the two, and when I did I realize that this was the perfect Christmas special for the modern age. Now I do have to dock marks but it has nothing to do with the special, more with the fact that they ended it with a preview of the next episode, which looks to AGAIN! ruin the continuity built up over 25 years.


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