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Somebody Likes It Ep 10 – Hank Williams Jr: “High Notes”

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Holy Shit! Hank Williams Jr. is lazy. I mean, I’m not questioning his actual work ethic or anything (judging from the inclusion of a private jet on the cover of “High Notes”, he probably flies around a lot), no, I’m aiming square at the shit he writes about. Before we took on “High Notes” this week, most of my exposure to Hank Williams had come from his damn NFL stuff, and his penning of the line I consider to be one of the greatest in music EVER:

“I’d like to spit some Beech-Nut in that dude’s eye”

There has to be some more gems like that one out there right? Not that I can dig up. In fact, that’s pretty much what this week’s show amounts to, us discussing how lazy these songs are. Check the box of just about any requisite country song topic circa 1980 and Williams has got a paint by numbers version of it ready for you here.

So I thought when I was writing this, I would go online and pull up some more hilarious examples of his lyrics. But the thing is, they are all pretty much just as lazy and imagination deprived as anything on “High Notes” (which by the way, title not withstanding these are not greatest hits or a high water mark of songwriting excellence, just a way for some label execs to dress up an even more mediocre record than he usually turned in). Surely there had to be something good on “If The South Woulda Won” or even “McCain-Palin Tradition”? Nope.

BUT! There is a cover of “Norwegian Wood”.


Next week…we take on Ronnie James Dio and Holy Diver. And I know for a FACT I can dig up some good lyrics from that one, so we’ll take n amusing lyrical raincheck then.
See you in 7, Shane


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