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Inside The Locker: Heroic NFL Preview Part 2: Still Dre

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The metal gymnasium tardis that we call home is bursting at the seams this week. It’s only week one, but the NFL has given us no end of things to talk about.

Elliott and J.C. give us their hero/villain antecedents for their assigned divisions, we bring back our world famous awards, and we answer your Tweeted questions.

Brian also climbs up on the soapbox to level a colossal verbal smackdown on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Seriously, it’s epic.


Show Breakdown…


Scores & Stories (3:16)

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.09.06 PM

We discuss The Bengals’ classy gesture, James Harden’s defensive meme, Chris Bosh’s retirement plan, and Brian goes on a tirade in which he demands the head of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s like a Sam Peckinpah movie in here!


Heroes & Villains NFL Preview Part 2 (43:48)

Player Heroes

Elliott and J.C. step up to the plate to breakdown their chosen hero/villain paradigms for the teams of the north and south divisions of the NFC & AFC respectively. Some very interesting selections leading to yet another truly geeky analysis of professional sports.


Week One Awards (67:08)


Our world famous awards showcase returns! (Note: Actual world may be much larger than the world in which this show’s hosts live). We hand out Cyborg, PWN Zone, Frittata and Douche Canoe honors.


Special Bonus: This week’s PWN Zone winner also inspired the funniest parody video of the week. No need to sweep the net, Johnny, we’ve embedded it here!


Fantasy Report: Week 1 (86:32)

Fantasy Football Report

Who were the highest scoring teams in our leagues? Who were our Rudy and Fredo candidates? What does the latter teach us about fantasy drafting fads? SO MANY QUESTIONS!


Cheers From The Cheap Seats  (99:35)

Cheap Seats

More of your tweeted questions answered all out loud and stuff.



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  • JoWoCo

    Birthright was great, but I wonder if Elliot has read All-Star Superman? That to me is the best Superman story ever.

    Packers as Homer Simpson? I LOVE IT!

    As for Brian, thank you so much for that beautiful rant and laying the necessary smackdown on Goodell! He is most wrong thing for the NFL right now, among a lot of wrong things, and he’s just awful. Rice for commissioner is great. The NFL does need an Adam Silver. Someone who gets shit done!

    • Elliott Fontenette

      Love All star superman, I may have said it wrong but I think I was trying to say Superman: Secret Identity was my favorite comic 🙂

      • JoWoCo

        Fair enough, as just curious.

  • Wodenson

    Beef Nuggets = Take the old school lunch staple, Steak Fingers and cut in half for Beef Nuggets.

    • Elliott Fontenette


  • Darkman220

    Elliott, Ralph did not say Stop Stop he’s already dead line it was some other kid

    • Elliott Fontenette

      Duly noted sir 🙂 I think I made the mistake because that kid sort of sounded like Ralph.

  • Austin/Chubblicious

    Great show guys, This sums it up quite well
    Oh and If you want to make beef nuggets you could just make Chicken fried steak but in nugget form!

  • Wodenson

    Also, still today, Thursday, 9/11, at noon you could still buy a women’s Ray Rice jersey on

  • Eric Kirby

    Hey ITL guys or anyone in the comment section. Hey since the Ravens cut Ray Rice does he keep his guaranteed money from his contract he sign a few years ago? I don’t know how much it is but I think he would keep that money right.

    • jcdeleon1

      That’s typically all up front, he’s made anywhere from 19-25 million I believe. In addition to whatever Nike had given him.

  • Darkman220

    I always laugh whenever J.C mentions that he did not get Megatron

    • jcdeleon1

      Eddie Lacy, man!! I panicked and I got Captain Concussion!

  • chaosbulldog

    Damn you Elliott and your smack talk! Thought I did deserve that since the Badgers became a dumpster fire the second half. Still not sure what happened there…

    And can we talk about the biggest Fredo of the week? Larry fucking Fitzgerald. You give me 3 goddamn points because apparently Arizona has so many fucking targets. Come on! I probably would’ve fucking won my game too! SO MAD!!!!
    *rant over*

    Anyway, looking forward to playing you Elliott week three! So much smack talk!