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The Original Gentlemen: Cancelled Too Soon

44 Submitted by on Mon, 26 May 2014, 14:57

The gentlefolk take a break from the usual structure this week. With all the recent cancellations and early endings of shows, it seemed prudent to take the bulk of an episode to look at these, talk about some of the great shows that ended too soon in the past, and discuss the whys and wherefores of why it happens.

It’s not always just low ratings, I hate to tell ya.


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Born in the wilds of northern Virginia, in 1992 Chris managed to put all of his survival skills to use and barely escaped with his life to Austin Texas, where ever since he’s dabbled in everything from plumber’s assistant to sandwich maker, from band to bar management. An opportunity to see theatrical release films for free, by becoming a critic on a local public access show called “The Reel Deal”, turned into a full time job when Chris and his friends decided to take it to the internet. They built the site, adding multiple podcasts and animated features, to no small amount of success. During this time, a fortuitous friendship sprung up between Chris and young Brian Salisbury, who was also a local film critic, and they merged their forces of will, and their laundry list of ideas for shows, to eventually build this paradise you see before you.
  • Austin

    Damn you guys scared me! I read the title on facebook and thought you guys had canceled the OG.

    • Jay

      My thoughts exactly! I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of scaring people for a few moments.

      • Chris Cox

        Was never the intent.

  • cabo


  • GodDamnRobots

    YES. haven’t listened to the episode yet but “Hung Up on my Baby” is one of my JAMS to bump in the summer while driving

  • Jean-François Martel

    i have not started watching Agents of Shield again since episode 4 and have no regrets, like i got so much other stuff to watch and the episode that made me drop out made me so angry that i don’t even care if it got better.

  • Jean-François Martel

    The Crazy Ones was unfortunate because they had a fantastic cast but the writing was subpar. It wasn’t terrible or offensive, it just wasn’t really funny. While the actors were able to put some heart into their performances in the end the writing was just too bleh to be really good or memorable.

    With some luck though Maybe Amanda Setton will come back to The Mindy Project.

  • TheDVDGrouch

    You wanna know why I think Arrow is so beloved by critics? Because on Youtube at least anyone who has anything dissenting to say gets slapped with Copyright claims. Over at the comicbookcast one of our guys got claimed just for talking about the show into the camera. And from what we have been told we were not the only ones.

  • Jean-François Martel

    That is a BIG problem with FOX. EVERY SEASON they have fantastic shows they push and push and then once it starts advertisement is NOWHERE to be seen. It pisses me off because they killed off so many shows this way. I can’t believe whoever takes these decisions (probably Kevin Reilli?) still has a job.

  • Jean-François Martel

    ENLISTED WAS SO FUNNY! I fell in love watching the pilot and the cast was so good! And yeah, i don’t know anything about the military but it had heart and diverse and actually dealt with issues befalling people who went to war.

  • Christopher J. Herman

    Yeah, Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men were so good. Such a shame.

  • james ozzy

    SSSSHHH^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^TTTTT. Don’t do that.You remember the last you guys did that you actually canx the show. I was like damn it Martin!Is it because of DT!?!!!

  • james ozzy

    I read New Xmen and that was trash. Joss Wheadon ASton.X was alright. I think I just did like the art work as much as i hope too.

    Thanks for hooking up our Memorial Day guys. Putting you on pause to rewatch the Xmen.

  • thundercat2000

    I’m with Austin; I read the title and thought NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not again!!! then I read the summary.

  • Jean-François Martel

    I loved Dracula, but it was baaad and i knew it but i had so much fun with it… i’m not going to cry about the cancellation though.

    About Dead Like Me, Bryan got fired after like 5 episodes i think?

    The good thing about the fact that Firefly wasn’t renewed is that we didn’t get the whole “Inara gets gang-raped by reavers so Mal finally starts treating her like a human being” … I love Joss WHedon but he’s got a bad habit of using rape to further the character development of a male character (Seeing Red).
    Yeah Firefly was definitely ahead of it’s time. Though after all this time and all the hype you know a LOT of people would be disappointed however good it would be.

    Defying Gravity was so good!

    Also Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles… Bitter for eternity. Fans are actually still fighting so we can get at least a straight to DVD movie at least.

    Though about Syfy at least they have Defiance which is really good (hoping they don’t fuck it up) and helix which is a lot of fun.

    Great show guys, thank you for all your work 🙂

  • James Lee

    Damn is Spectacular Spider-man really better than Spiderman the animated series?
    i guess im fond of memories of saturday morning fox kids.

    • Rock-X

      I too am fond of Spiderman TAS. It was like an updated version of the 60s cartoon, which before then I only knew Spiderman by watching the first five episodes of season 2; the first episode being his origins, the second being him starting at the Daily Bugle & his first encounter with The Kingpin. I watched Spiderman TAS as a kid and I loved it for what it was, though I WILL admit its a flawed show now. That said, I gave every subsequent Spiderman cartoon (Unlimited, MTV, Ultimate) a chance to like but I couldn’t. Even Spectacular Spiderman is an enigma to me; Everybody like Chris & Martin say its the best Spiderman cartoon, but I watch two episodes and can honestly say: (-.-) “I don’t get it.”
      I’ve tried to watch more, I honest did, but it seems its just not for me. However, I do understand and feel for you guys when the news came there wouldn’t be a third season and get replaced by a lousy successor. I’ll give it another try in a couple of years and… who knows? I might come around as I have for Justice League seven years ago, though for JL I passed initially because my brother & I experienced a DCAU burnout after watching both Batman & Superman animated series from beginning to end. I haven’t watched all the episodes because frankly the later Unlimited Membership interests me more, but I am catching up on those great moments.

  • Rob Cormier

    I loved Greg the bunny

    • Dr. Ganon

      One of my friend and my favorite shows. I’m glad to hear other people watched it haha

  • Kyle Voltti

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  • Guest
  • james ozzy

    I remember when the spin off to “Growing Pains”, “Just the ten of us” got cancelled. It was a good show with good ratings because of the daughters, but ,i guess it had something to do with TGIF line up where they,ABC , feelt it did not fit.

    • pete5125

      yEAH It was because ABC made a deal with Miller/Boyett WB to produce all the shows in the TGIF line-up, ABC admitted that they made a mistake the next season after said replacement show bombed. The show was doing good in the ratings but they had no other holes in their schedule, I remember USA network rerunning it for years

  • Maven Cree

    I fell into the Firefly effect with Fox, but I still watched Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow. I am shocked… STUNNED that Sleepy Hollow was able to survive. I was getting used to the ‘if it’s good, Fox will kill it’ type premise. Wonders never cease.

  • gambolingman


    I actually thought the show was cancelled!


    Though I’m glad it’s not! On to the show!

  • Eric Faulkner

    I remember Reaper. I did not know it had a second season. I feel that some good shows suffer from being on the wrong network (CW and UPN come to mind). If a show is on a network is not on your programming schedule you just won’t watch it.

  • Maven Cree

    So, you’re just gonna leave Young Justice hangin’ like rotisserie gold, huh?

  • Maven Cree

    Empty Nest was a spin-off of Golden Girls. Harry Weston actually lived next door to the ladies and stopped by few time on the show. So did his daughters. And as he was a widower and a doctor, Blanche always had him in her crosshairs, but he managed to evade.
    I also found MASH boring. I was a kid when it was on and as soon as music started my eyes rolled back into my head. And I don’t find it funny now because the jokes feel dated… like how the early days of SNL were supposed to be hilarious, but the jokes aren’t funny today.

    • Rock-X

      See, I disagree with you on MASH. As a kid, the theme song was the only thing I cared for, but now as an adult I’ve come to appreciate the storylines and the overall setting the show set. You may feel bored, but I honestly wasn’t. I know my parents watched it when it originally aired, and I find myself sharing the laughter they have when watching an episode. Yeah, some of the jokes can be miss, but like Chris said back on the old site, Humor is a very subjective thing: You may find an episode unfunny while I get a kick out of it; or with John Rubio, Chris can listen to him for five hours while I can’t stand five minutes without tearing my hair out. Its different for everyone.

      • Chris Cox

        And to boot: I know and have known lots of younger folks who find early SNL and MASH funny as hell; as surely as I can still go watch The Honeymooners and I Love Lucy and dig the heck out of them. Humor is indeed the most subjective thing.

  • William Robert Ryan

    dudes please change the name of this episode. i thought you guys were pulling the plug on this thing.

  • RossOB

    I’m on-board with the majority of your List, with one skin-crawling exception: Suburgatory? For sanes? We’ve all got ShameShows in our closet (I confess a near Martin-esque appreciation of True Blood) but Beau, I gotta push back on you. I see no redeeming qualities in its lame “Aren’t all people who choose to live with lawns and 401k plans soul-dead? Not like me–I’m an urban pixie snark grrrl from NYC!” premise. Cloying and brain dead, and a show unworthy of discussion in this otherwise fine episode.

    (and Chris: Ima gonna use “Economic Dracula!” in a conversation at least five times today…)

    • Beau

      Actually the show spends a good deal of time addressing how wrong Tessa is for making that assumption. Sorry if it’s not your cup of tea but saying it’s “brain Dead” makes me truly dubious that you’ve done more than glossed a single episode.

      • RossOB

        I spent the better part of a 14-hour flight home last year with (most, not all) of the first season, having unfortunately blasted thru all the other options on the tiny screen embedded the seat in front of me. I’ll certainly concede that the long flight, which I boarded ill-prepared without alternative entertainments, has biased me against the show. Yet I maintain that Tessa, for all her ‘oh…suburbanites can be soulful like me’ revelations, still has too much of a hipster’s knowing condescension to be likable, and the rest of the show’s characters are too thin, and their interactions unfunny as a result.

        I will also confess that her character archetype especially doesn’t resonate with me, as someone who grew up in rural/poor ‘Merica but spent all my adult life in cities, among self-important born-and-bred urban hipsters who, try as they might (and boy do they try) can’t really grok the mysterious ways of the common man. Again, a personal form of redneck-snobbery I fully cop to, so let’s just say the show goes against those sensibilities. And, if it raised my native-but-sublimated redneck hackles, think about what it did to my peers still down on the farm and the stripmall. This may go some ways towards explaining why the show was cancelled.

        That said, my dislike should not have been conveyed as an insult to your appreciation of the show, and for that I apologize.

        • Beau

          Everybody has their buttons. And tastes. I appreciate the apology. Nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion on trivial matters.

  • james ozzy

    The first time it was a tragedy; the second time it was a farce.

  • NakedAmericanMan

    I feel like I should point out: neither Quesada nor Loeb were the reason Spectacular Spider-Man got the boot. It was a rights issue. I can’t find the article now, but you can find Greg Weisman talking about how the show was going on right when Disney bought Marvel, which caused a big shake-up in the animation rights, resulting in Disney having the rights to make future Spider-Man cartoons, but Sony still owning Spectacular.

  • adamcharles

    I actually watched a good portion of the shows that got the axe in their first year this year. Enlisted and Almost Human were the heartbreakers. I had mild hopes for both more for the cast than anything else.

    For Enlisted I watched because of Geoff Stults whose better show (The FInder, which was a Bones spinoff) also got cancelled after one season; and I think was actually the last thing Michael Clark Duncan did before he had a heart attack. The Piz from Veronica Mars and Keith David inclusions were just bonuses. I didn’t think I’d laugh as much as I did for Enlisted, but it consistently got decent chuckles out of me.

    For Almost Human I thought it could have been Michael Ealy’s coming out party. He’s typically the best part of most things I see him in. He carried his USA show Common Law almost all on his own (also cancelled after one season). I hope it was enough exposure for him to land something significant in Hollywood, because I really think he could carry a blockbuster in the Bourne style.

    Believe had a decent pilot, but it was a lesser version of Touch with a much less likeable lead character.

    Crisis had its strong points, but I didn’t see the longevity in it. Intelligence had a cool concept and good cast chemistry, but didn’t have me desiring to see the next episode (even though I watched what was aired).

    I will also say, unabashedly so, that The Carrie Diaries was far from terrible. If I didn’t have a wife I would never have watched it, but I also don’t regret watching it. Competent cast with a few standouts, good soundtrack, and better than expected writing. I’m not surprised it didn’t catch on with its desired demographic (which, I hope that wasn’t me), but it worked and the best part was how it avoided excessive “in-jokes” and allusions to Sex and the City.

    Mindgames was another that got cancelled this year and I think only aired about 4 episodes. Again, interesting concept and I’d watch Steve Zahn in anything, but usually not if he’s the ONLY thing.

    As for the other discussion of other shows that were cancelled too soon (excluding the ones you already pointed out) I was really disappointed these last few years with the cancellation of Alphas after 2 seasons, Better Off Ted after 2 seasons, Eli Stone after 2 seasons, and the Jason Isaacs show Awake after 1 season.

    Alphas took a really sinister turn with its final episode and I wasn’t sure if that was planned because they knew it was getting cancelled, but it was a hell of an ending. Better Off Ted was just all kinds of goofy fun, and Eli Stone was one of the better shows at balancing all of the differing factors of entertainment value (comedy, imagination, drama, heart, musical numbers, etc).

    Awake was seriously intriguing with its concept. A police officer living two realities because he created one to cope with the loss of his family. One reality his wife is alive, but son is dead while the other reality is vice versa and the crux of the show being the discovery of which of the realities is false.

    I also watched the Damian Lewis show Life well after it got cancelled, and wished it hadn’t (but, we got Homeland out of it). Same with Sports Night, but, again, got The West Wing out of it. After watching Sports Night I now consider that the best of the cancelled Aaron Sorkin television shows over Studio 60 (despite the last 4 episode finale of Studio 60 being among the most satisfying 4 episode story arc I’ve ever watched on TV).

    I also really dug AMC’s Rubicon for the first part of the series until it decided to completely ignore the mystery that started the whole story to begin with.

  • james ozzy
  • Immature Luigi

    Now I will have to wait another three weeks for the next episode.

    • Brian_Salisbury

      Actually since April 14th, THEOG has been every TWO weeks on the nose.

  • Joedcomp

    Another show that was canceled way too soon, was “Sym Bionic Titan”. Only got one season and was never renewed, I believe because no company would pick up to make merchandise.

    Also the new “Thunder Cats” show was pretty damn good, but it as well was canceled after one season.

  • 53

    Actually started watching Almost Human because of The OG’s coverage on it. I was so pissed when Fox canceled it. All I can say is FUCK FOX. If Fox canceled Almost Human for Gotham, I’m gonna laugh my ass off when Gotham gets canceled next year. To me, based off the Gotham preview it looks like total shit.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    I missed this structure. I wouldn’t mind if ya’ll kept it.

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