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ITL Movie Elimination Tournament: Remakes

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Welcome to the dawn of the Inside the Locker Totally Accurate, Desperately Important Movie Elimination Tournament!

It’s here, the first of our ongoing series of March Madness style cinematic tournaments to settle once and for all (for the week) which movies reign supreme in various genres and subgenres. This week’s tourney is not the first we’ve attempted, but rather a second pass with many of the same elements. A tourney remake if you will. So for this tourney remake, we decided to hold a remake tourney.

We took the Sweet 16 of movie remakes (according to science and also don’t worry about it), and pitted them head to head as we whittle things down to the ultimate champion. It was left to our impartial special guest judge (FirstShowing.Net’s Jeremy Kirk) to determine from round to round whose game was stronger, but much like the real NCAA tournament, the better film on paper may not necessarily be the one that advances.

The movie elimination tournaments will be our focus for the next several weeks, but we still managed to briefly cover a few sports news stories AND…declare the winner of our ITL Fantasy Football Challenge. It sure is a great episode, but you don’t have to take my word for it…


Show Breakdown…

Fantasy Football Challenge Winner Announced! (3:05 )

Fantasy Football Report

Congratulations to our Fantasy Football Challenge champion: David Harkens (Elliott’s league)

–2nd Place: Blake Salisbury (Brian’s league)

–3rd Place: Bryan Carney (Adam’s league)

–4th Place: Scott Smidlein (J.C.’s league)


Brief News Rundown (4:55)


We talk about Team USA Hockey’s epic victory over Russia (too bad it wasn’t those bastards from Team Iceland), the defenseless spectacle of the NBA All-Star game, and why there may be a Final Destination and/or Paranormal Activity sequel in the works at Indiana University.



The starting bracket is pictured below. If you want to see the results (and spoil the fun before you even listen to the show…for shame), click on the image to reveal a filled-in version of the bracket.


Were there any glaring omissions from the Sweet 16? Disagree with the grand champ? Let us know in the comments.


Next week’s tournament: Die-Hard Rip-offs!




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