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Street-Legal Batmobile Heading to Auction This Week

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Have you ever been in a great conversation about how great the Batmobile is, only to have it ruined by some dope who just had to point out that it wouldn’t stay on the road for long, for practical or legal reasons? Well, now’s your chance to chase that fool down the street in your very own completely-functional Keaton-style Batmobile! A fully street-legal replica of the 1989 version of the Dark Knight’s ride is heading to auction on Saturday, November 30th.

UK-based auctioneers Historics at Brooklands plan to auction the car off at Mercedes-Benz World this weekend. While the fan-made tribute car is missing a few of the Batmobile’s more dangerous gadgets, it does contain more of the movie version’s features that one might imagine. According to the car’s description on the auctioneers’ website, it includes the following specifications:

[The Batmobile] comes complete on a bespoke chassis and powered by a straight six, fuel injected modern Jaguar 3.2 litre engine with automatic transmission. Special crime fighting gadgets include a fully operational flame thrower at the rear, hydraulic suspension enabling the car to be lifted a further nine inches off the ground, a smoke release mechanism, remote full releasing electronic canopy, remote ignition and full LED running lights, dashboard display and front and rear camera’s [sic] complete the specification.

Though the previous owner was probably tempted to drive the car around and fight crime, the vehicle’s mileage is reportedly quite low. This is because it was mainly used as a display item at exhibitions and motor shows and was transported to venues rather than driven. Historics estimates the car’s value is between £70,000 – £90,000 (approximately $113,000 – $146,000), so it is likely the bidding will start somewhere around there. The timing could not be better, as this is the perfect holiday gift for the Bat-fan in your life. At such an affordable price, how could you say no? Check out the promotional video for the auction item below:



Which version of the Batmobile is your favorite? Are there any other geeky vehicles you’d like to see on the auction block? Let us know in the comments!

Via Historics at Brooklands 

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