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Inside The Locker: The Gravy Bowl!

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Happy Thanksgiving, sports nerds!

This week’s Inside the Locker is very festive indeed. There is drinking, laughter, arguments, drinking, inappropriate jokes, drinking, and even visiting family members.

That’s right, Brian’s dad sits in with us to offer his own sports/geek wisdom and even participates in The Crossover.

The guys discuss headlines, give out their awards, drink a lot, and talk about what they are thankful for this year in terms of sports.

Download, listen, and peek inside the locker. Listening burns calories…according to science.

Show Breakdown…

The Crossover (2:24)


Brian’s dad, the esteemed Mr. James Salisbury, is this week’s contestant, competing for a prize on behalf of long-time show fan Chaos Bulldog. Will he have what it takes to make our listener’s season a little brighter?

Topics Discussed: Kobe Bryant’s new deal, Derrick Rose’s season is over…again, Magneto kills Kennedy, A-Rod’s antics, How to win a car in Alabama, Roadhouse remake, Daniel Day-Lewis’ son drops dope rhymes.


Awards! (40:18)


The boys hand out their awards for Game of the Week, Frittata of the Week, PWN Zone, and Too Old For This Shit.


They also watch this happen several times while on the air and laugh uproariously…



This of course all leads into the most signature of signature awards…

He Might Be a Cyborg: Tom Brady (89:22)


As much as some of us (Brian) really hate the guy, it can’t be denied that his insane comeback from a 24-0 halftime deficit to the Broncos last week is robo-worthy.

Favorite Sports Movie? (94:22)


Brian randomly inquires as to the crews’ favorite sports movies. We’ll probably watch one (or all) after the football games end today.

Weekly Fantasy Football Report  (96:15)

Fantasy Football Report

Could Brian actually make the playoffs? Will J.C. maintain his composure with his own league rival, James, in the studio? (Spoiler Alert to that last one: yes). Who were the guys’ Rudys and Fredos this week? You certainly do ask a lot of questions.

What We’re Thankful For in 2013 Sports (103:14)


A special topic in honor of the holiday. It could be specific games, favorite players on the rise, or just particular sports stories that entered our consciousness this year. It’s a very sweet and heartfelt segment…so if nothing else it should assist you in throwing up if you need to purge some turkey.

The ITL Pensieve (124:14)


Brian continues to circle the drain as Elliott has another spectacular week. In the spirit of the holidays, we won’t insinuate that this is due to the universe being in such an alignment as to awaken some ancient dormant evil.

Current Pensieve Standings…

Adam & Elliott–96-67


Make sure to follow us all on Twitter!! Do so and you’ll at least be as cool as this guy…



The Show Account–@ITLCast

Written by

Brian is a four-year veteran of the interwebs, a member of The Austin Film Critics Association, and currently writes for Film School Rejects, Movie Pilot,, and Fandango. An obsessive consumer of film, Brian loves everything from Buster Keaton to 80s post-apocalyptic sci-fi. He’s also a diehard Indianapolis Colts fan and collects VHS, laser discs, and classic game systems. An eighth-level geek overlord, Brian is one of the founders of, the brainchild of he and partner in crime Christopher Lawrence Cox. Brian cohosts both the Inside the Locker and Digital Noise podcasts.
  • Darkman220

    I would like to apologize to the Tennessee Titans defense you are not the worst defense in my fantasy league. The Chicago Bear’s defense you are the worst since you end up getting -1 this is why Stephen Colbert said Bears are soulless

  • James Lee

    I dont get why people are giving Kobe shit for accepting the deal, THERE WERE NO NEGOTIATIONS. he simply accepted what was offered. Btw, Lebron colluded with Wade and Bosh prior to taking a paycut, Tim Duncan was coming off a terrible year where he was overweight and playing poorly which made him feel like he deserved less, Kobe fans know that he doesnt ingratiate himself to his teammates, he has the same approach as MJ, lead by example not by hand-holding, hence the view that hes difficult to play with. Ultimately, this was a legacy deal because the Lakers are the most profitable franchise in the league thanks to Kobe. I believe the deal was to not lowball Kobe and fall on the sword a bit to give him respect. Can you imagine the impact on Lakers p.r. if Kobe left during the Jim Buss era? there would be no trust in management like the knicks. And honestly, which max free agent could the Lakers have gotten in free agency? the lakers would have enough for Kevin Love in 2015 since i dont believe we’ll get anyone this year.

    Also Thank you, I wanted to ask you guys about movie reviews, love the way the sites developing. Best Wishes!

    • jcdeleon1

      The issue is, legacy deals don’t equal success. Some of the best teams in sports know when to say goodbye to their aging superstars. The Red Sox are a great example. Damon wants too much money? Go ahead and go to the Yankees. Pedro Martinez is too old? Thank you for your time, and we enjoyed having you. Nomar is too hurt to play? That’s too bad, who else we got? As soon as Big Papi stops hitting clutch homers, he’s gone without a second thought or a legacy contract just to have one more goodbye year. Spurs do it too to a certain extent. Duncan and Parker are still playing, but that team is clearly Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green’s team on a lot of levels, just maybe not leadership. The Yankees are giving Jeter too much money in the end, and that won’t equate to wins, same with the Lakers and this deal.

      • James Lee

        As I feared, I don’t think Lakers will win much but I’d hope that this is more about respect and there’s something honorable about that to me. Personally I can fall on the sword a little too if KB gets a proper send off.

  • Jenni Matasek

    Thank you Mr. Salisbury for winning The Crossover this week for me! I’m going to feel horrible when I beat you in fantasy this week (which probably won’t happen now, but I like to hope)! Hop everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Hope it was full of turkey and football!

    PS-You guys can call me Jenni on air. Or still chaos bulldog if you still prefer. Or you could interchange it. I’m not picky!

  • Jenni Matasek

    Thank you Mr. Salisbury for winning The Crossover this week for me! I’m going to feel horrible when I beat you in fantasy this week (which probably won’t happen now, but I like to hope)! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Hope it was full of turkey and football!

    PS-You guys can call me Jenni on air. Or still chaos bulldog if you still prefer. Or you could interchange it. I’m not picky!

  • OneFunRun

    Great episode I laughed as hard as you guys did at the Bears fan partly because I am a packer Fan, and although it hurts this year I know you have to take the good with the bad.

  • I’m surprised that no one picked Jason Kidd and the ‘accidentally’ cup spill as their frittata.

    • jcdeleon1

      That happened the day after we recorded, but it was definitely frittata worthy.

      • Fritata worthy and super expensive. Stern hit Kidd with a 50k fine for that move.

        • Brian_Salisbury

          I love how in this gif you can clearly see Kidd mouth the words “hit me” right before Taylor “accidentally” bumps him. I know you haven’t been a coach for long, Jason, but that’s the definition of bush league. *facepalm*

  • Arthur Tran

    Could someone explain all the “douchebag” antics of Johnny Manziel? A Google search has yielded little and I would like to understand the vemonius dislike that “Johnny football”.

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