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Affecting Change and Touching Lives: Art at its best

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RoomNate (AKA Nathan Bliss) has created a brand new piece of art, which he has shared over on Tumblr. The scene is a representation of what female cosplayers, gamer, SciFi and Comic Book fans have to endure. Certainly something that still exists in today’s world and a noble cause no doubt.

However, with this Design Nathan has done something much more inspiring and I can’t describe it any better than he has;

This is a design I made for my friend Jeannie Moody, who underwent a very expensive medical procedure to stop her chronic pain that kept her from working and enjoying life.  It is available on a TShirt, that you can buy HERE, the money going to help alleviate the cost of the operation and for her Physical Therapy which will go on for about 9-months to a year.


Not living in the US, I imagine I couldn’t comprehend the worry and stress of amounting medical bills and I know in those times anyone would be lucky to have a friend like Nathan. Definitely head on over, check out the design and think about purchasing a pretty kickass poster, from a pretty kickass artist and an even better human.

Source: Nathan’s Tumblr



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