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Wonder Woman May Yet Lasso Herself A TV Show

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After the recent debacle that was David E. Kelly’s leaked Wonder Woman pilot (to call it toxic would be polite), it looks like the bigwigs at Warner Bros. are eager to give Princess Diana another shot.

While speaking at the USC Gould School of Law, WB Entertainment CEO Kevin Tsujihara briefly touched upon his belief that the company should make more television shows and films based on DC Comics’ properties. Specifically, the CEO went on to say “We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”

Wonder Woman is not only part of DC Comics’ “Trinity” (the other two members being Superman and Batman), but is the most recognizable heroine in all of comics. Brian Azzarelo’s current run remains one of the brighter and better selling spots of the “New 52.” Wonder Woman has more heat behind her than she has had in years, so it only makes sense that Warner Bros. would try to capitalize on the increased interest. Still, it is wise to remain skeptical. The mixed fan reactions to the CW’s Arrow and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel show that while Warner Bros. is willing, its ability to bring DC’s superheroes to both the big and small screens successfully is spotty at best.

Would Wonder Woman make a good cinematic film? Should she stick to TV or even just comic books? Sound off below!

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  • Mason Daniel

    I want Warner Bros. to go all out and make a damn movie already. If a Thor movie can work, then so can one about Wonder Woman (provided they pick the right people).

    • Chris Harrison

      I actually talk briefly about this on the upcoming episode of INTERN-net, Thor really surprised me. I never expected much from it and I think it is one of the strongest of Phase one. You make a good point, it could potentially be done.

      • Mason Daniel

        Agreed. It’s definitely the most pleasant surprise that Marvel has given us thus far.

      • JoWoCo

        I expected Thor to suck due to its mythology you gotta work in but yeah it was damn great and I was never more happy to be wrong.

  • JoWoCo

    Wonder Woman getting an updated TV show would be great. A good actress, solid writing staff, and top notch effects can all help out. I’ve read the original Joss Whedon script for the film, and it was great. It would have worked.

    Wonder Woman is a great character and one that can lead her own show and movie. You did touch John that its one the few remaining highlights of the New 52. What I would like is a great balance of Greek mythology and real-world conflict over here in man’s world. Finding that balance with the elements I mentioned above, you got a knockout series I’d watch every week.

    • AshleyMoreno

      ….and Gina Torres!