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YouTube: Introducing INTERN-Net News

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Welcome to INTERN-net News, with your Host Chris Harrison!

There is a vast pool of exciting news every week, and in our effort to bring you brand new, engaging content join me as I discuss the weekly news and gossip in film, TV, comic books and anything else that gets us talking.

This show is very much a companion piece to the news articles that the fantastic Intern team will be putting together day after day on the site proper. Watch the first episode here or follow the link over to YouTube!

This week’s headlines include James Gordon’s spin-off show, Batman Begins audition tapes, the recent LucasArts behind-the-scenes video floating around the web, the upcoming animated film Sausage Fest, Days of Future Past may be the last we see of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and more. As if that weren’t enough, I’m hosting a giveaway to celebrate my first episode!

Most importantly, this show is all about you. Get involved in the discussion, tell us what you think about these stories and if there’s a story you want to create conversation about then throw a question my way either on Twitter or right here each week.

Tell your friends to join The INTERN-Net!


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Born in Dundee, Scotland, Chris Harrison is an Actor and Director of both film and stage. He has worked with the National Theatre of Scotland, Dundee Rep Theatre, Sky Sports and such writers as Edward Bond and Neil Duffield. Currently, Chris is studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Naturally, Chris has always had an interest in Cinema, Television, Comic Books, gaming and tested the waters with the Saw Podcast and a number of gaming podcasts before finding a home here at OneOfUs. An avid follower of OneOfUs since inception, Chris is exceptionally excited to be part of the team.